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Residential painters, condo painters Mississauga, Brampton. Toronto Ontario

Residential painters, condo painters in Mississauga

Residential painters in Mississauga paint a lot of condos in Mississauga.

There is a large concentration of condos at square one Mississauga, the newest ones were the Marilyn Monroe buildings. These are the two tall curvy buildings pressing high into the sky at Dixie Road and Burnham Thorpe Road. We have had on occasion a number of times to paint some condos in these buildings.
Residence of Mississauga, Brampton and even Toronto make their homes in condos. Condos are more compact and have many different conveniences over owning a house. But, a condo home is is exactly the same as a house with four walls and the ceiling and doors and baseboards. Residential painters here in Mississauga painters treat a condo paint job exactly the same as a paint job done in a detached home in the suburbs. The slight differences between painting a detached home as opposed to a condo is abiding by the rules of the Condo Corporation. There are certain times that are allowed for trades to be working in the building. There are also designated parking areas that have to be looked after for the residential painters to be able to park during the day. Also there are rules as to disposing of leftover paints and empty paint cans.

Condos, the same as houses have drywall walls. They all damage the same way by either getting scratched or hit for many different reasons possibly moving furniture or someone trying to attach something to the wall or someone falling off the chair and denting the wall etc. The drywall repairs the same way as in a detached house by doing plaster repairs and then sanding them nice and smooth, priming with primer and then finish coating with two coats of paint which would be exactly the same as if done in a detached home. Then we would vacuum up the drywall dust and clean up the area and your painted walls are done.

Doors And Baseboards And Trim Work In Your Home

Like most buildings and even homes use low-grade wood trim. And need to be maintained in top condition.This interior wood trim is made out of MDF (medium density fiber board) this is a sawdust and glue product. In basic terms what they do is they take some sawdust and mix with glue and put it into a form profiler to create a specific shape for such things as baseboards and door frames. These trends look excellent when their new and as long as they are not damaged they will be perfect  cosmetically. The problem with this type of trim is it is not very durable against hits and dings. Since the trim work is man-made from glue resins and wood byproducts saw dust and wood chips, it doesn’t retain the properties that natural wood would have. Natural wood has a certain amount of bounce so when it gets had a will bounce back or at least not break off. Whereas this type of wood once it gets damaged it stays in that condition.

This would trim work can be repaired by using wood filler or durabond fast drying repair compound that can be sanded to specific shapes easily. All too often Mississauga painters run across exactly situation.

When the floors are being cleaned with a vacuum cleaner lots of times the vacuum cleaner vacuum head hits the baseboard damaging it or sometimes when the vacuum hose is dragged around the corner it wears away the edge of the baseboard. Causing a missing corner. What we do here is build the corner backup with the plaster, let it dry and when it is bone dry we sand it into shape creating a nice crisp straight edge. When all the repairs are done to the baseboard we then caulk in the baseboard and prime the baseboard. When the baseboard is completely dried we again inspected the baseboard for any irregularities, cracks, humps or bumps.

If everything is good and there are no irregularities in the baseboard in the gap between the wall the baseboard is filled which we usually use “dap” caulking this stuff usually dries in about an hour ready for painting. We also bought this into corner joints were two pieces of baseboard meet at 90° angles. We feel the crack in with a small amount of caulking getting rid of the open joint with this filler.

Mississauga painters apply the same techniques to door trim and to window trim. Mississauga painters generally paint all trim except the baseboards before painting the walls because this makes a nice crisp line between the doorframe in the wall. It’s a lot easier to paint brush the wall into the door frame that is to very finely and carefully painted door frame edge to the wall.

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