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Here is a short video introduction of our residential painters  in Mississauga painting services I posted a while ago and forgot about.

mississaugahandyman Painting and Carpentry on

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Our   residential painting services will include painting entire homes or condos. If all you want is just to clean up your rooms let’s say they look dirty this is a good way to revitalize a room. A fresh coat of paint even if it’s the same color will brighten up and bring the room back to life.

Drywall repair

 drywall repairs
drywall repair

This is a good time to do all your wall repairs. If you have been looking at cracks and holes in your walls and you would like to get rid of them is the time to do it. Our painting services include any wall repairs, broken drywall, doorknob smash hole in drywall situations, cracks around windows, places where the trim work are separated from the wall and any other place that doesn’t look good on the wall can be repaired with drywall repair.

Kitchen Cabinets Painting

 Residential painters painting ideas
Residential painters almost Finished Repainting Old Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Painting

We also do beautiful kitchen cabinet painting, convert those old kitchen cabinets into modern looking furnishing. Sometimes old kitchen cabinets just need a freshen up look with a new paint and paint color. Kitchen cabinet paints have evolved into high quality paint finishes that last and can endure more traffic and use.

Stucco Ceiling Repairs

Residential painters repair stucco ceilings
Residential painters repairing Peeling off Plaster Ceiling

Stucco Ceiling Repairs Or Removal

Stucco ceiling / popcorn ceilings can be repaired and re-sprayed or they can be entirely removed and then re-plastered and made into a flat ceiling the same as your walls. Repairing the stucco ceiling can be as simple as fixing up a stain on the ceiling. All the way through to repairing sagging drywall where we can remove that part of the ceiling and replace it with new drywall and then we spray the entire ceiling with popcorn.

Deck Building Deck Repairs

Mississauga carpenters Building new steps to deck
Mississauga painters and carpenters services

In the summer months we do many wood deck repairs and building decks. Sometimes as simple as a few loose or broken deck boards or some wobbling railings or steps. For safety’s sake these things should be done in case someone falls off the deck. Lots of times when we do deck power washing and deck staining we run across places that need to be repaired on the deck. And this is a good time to do the repairs.

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