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Bath Renovation and Repairs/Paint Bathroom

Bathrooms get a lot of daily use not only by walking in and out but there is a lot of climate change inside a bathroom. Not only does the temperature change sometimes in the bathroom from hot showers but also the humidity level on the walls as people take hot showers leaving a lot of moisture on the walls. The slightest blemish or crack in the paint job will allow the moisture to get under there and start lifting and eroding the painted wall.This is why we have to paint bathroom on occasion.
 Bath Renovation / Bathroom Painting
Bath Renovation,Bathroom Painted in White Nice Clean Look


Mississauga painters

 encounter hundreds of different bathrooms. Some bathrooms differ a lot by who lives in the home and how it is kept. First of all bathrooms need to be hygienic no one likes a dirty bathroom. This is a place where you shower and bathe. This is the time when you are attempting to get clean. But after exiting the shower you walk into a dirty room there was not much sense and carefully cleaning yourself. I have seen such things as toothbrushes left on the countertop and picked up when being used and then placed back onto a dirty place. Then there is all kinds of mildew and soap scum on the walls which have to be cleaned and removed. Sometimes around it behind the toilet is all kinds of disgusting filth. The toilet is soft sometimes is so grimy is difficult to be painting around it.

 Bathroom Painting

Another problem in maintaining bathroom repairs/ Bath renovation and painting is caulking. Caulking over the years turns black and ugly. Lots of times the homeowner will try to remedy this by going over top of the old caulking with new caulking making a ugly mess. And this is where Mississauga handyman painting and carpentry come in and save the day. Removing the old caulking is not easy it’s just as hard for us as it is for anyone else except we have lots of practice at it.

Powder Room Painting

Picking paint colors for your washroom. 99% of the washrooms that Mississauga handyman paint are white or some derivative of white. The reason most people pick white is because since most washrooms do not have Windows to let in direct sunlight they need as much light as possible because when people are using the mirror to do their makeup or try to find something on their face they need is much light as possible and white is a good light reflector. But if for example you are trying to decorate your powder room which is another washroom in your home that one you can decorate with different paint colors since it is more of a utility that a place for doing makeup. And this is the place where most of your guests will come during the course of the visit and it can be reflective of the style of paint on the main floor.

Types of paints to use in the washroom

there are specifically specially formulated paints developed for bathrooms and kitchens to withstand heat and moisture along with constant cleaning. These paints can be found at paint stores such as Benjamin Moore paints or Sherwin-Williams paints or Dulux Paints. Just look up kitchen and bathroom paints in this section next time you want to do any kitchen or bathroom painting .
So if you want to perk up your bathroom with a bath renovation don’t hesitate to call.
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