Boy Toybox

Organizing your home starting with your child’s toys

if you have a child or children you probably spend a lot of time cleaning up their toys after they finish playing with the toys. You might even spend hours putting the toys back and arrange them and sort them for the next time. I’m sure you have seen a jigsaw puzzle pieces all over the place. You collect all the pieces and put them into an organized container for all the toys. It is hard to keep the kids room neat and somewhat organized.

Organizing the toys

now all of this depends on the types of toys your child plays with and how many children you have and of course their ages. One way to sort out the toys is figuring out how many groups of toys you want to create and sorts to and getting rid of toys that possibly are broken or time expired such as things like play dough. Now that you have decided on the way you are going to sort your toys you can start sorting them by criteria for example, any toys that the child has played with in a number of months to put them into one wooden toy box possibly painted with a specific color to identify the type of toys. And then into another toy box you might consider placing by grouping small games puzzles or game toys and any other small types of objects or sets. Another toy container might have larger items like teddy bears, dolls, stuffed toys, toy cars etc. Might be slightly different than a girls toybox. Boys are little rougher and tougher on everything, their toys tend to be a little harder and bigger so you to decide on the type of toy container that you want to use. Plastic toy boxes look good when their new one over time plastic becomes brittle and breaks. Also you cannot get an aesthetically pleasing plastic toy box to suit everyone’s tastes. A custom-built wood toy box is the answer. This toy box can be made to suit your home’s interior design to blending smoothly through the rooms looks. It also can be made to accommodate the amount and size of the toys.

Piece of furniture

this toy box can be considered a piece of furniture in the child’s room. It can be designed and finished to be useful and look good. This furniture can also double as a small bench possibly with a cushion on it to watch TV or to sit and read a book. It has small wheels so it can roll around the room, and be placed anywhere in the room or the closet or beside the bed. The outside of the box container can also be decorated in any fashion suitable to your tastes.

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