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It’s that time of year again where start your yard cleanup after this long hard winter. This winter has been so hard on everything it has done millions of dollars of damages even to our roads and highways.

The same thing is true for damages done to your wood Porch and fences.It might be time for building deck projects.

Mississauga  Building Deck

Building  Stupidand repairs are starting to get booked for this season. If you are looking for Mississauga Handyman to come and inspect and give you an estimate on your Wood Floor repair now is the time. There’s only so many Projects we can do in a month.

Deck boards

Are one of the biggest culprits for rot and having fissures where water lands inside the crack in the wood where it when freezing expands causing the fissure to even open up more making the board look more and more worn and tattered. Only a few years it will eventually have wrought is for an break. We can replace individual deck boards one by one for the deck back to safety and give it some extra life.

Wood deck stairs

Also have problems because the stringer since it is so close to the ground is easy to rot and all the screws and nails can get loose and dangerous. Also since the stairs require more sound structure because greater loads are imposed on them from traffic continuously going up and down them.

Wood  railings

Can eventually become loose at the bottom where is attached to the deck and all across boards with the pickets can develop localized rot and get loose and dangerous. Deck repairs can be done incrementally and selectively, where the homeowner decides which deck board they would like to have replaced or indicate which deck railing they would like to have tightened up or pickets they will have to have removed and replaced.

Deck power washing

Is one important thing which will help keep your deck in good condition for longer. If you power wash your deck frequently there will be less soil and sediment in between all the cracks of your boards not allowing any deterioration of your wood. If you have soil buildup it retains moisture and gives home to insects that can actually ruin your deck.

Deck staining

Staining decks not only makes it look good but also helps preserve the deck. Staining will penetrate all the pores and cracks protecting it from moisture. Deck staining when done properly with a proper deck sanding will last for a number of years, not exactly sure how many because the weather is unpredictable and there could be some extremely harsh weather both into hot and humid and too cold freezing. But generally a good back sanding staining will keep you happy worry free for many years. The trick to having a successful deck staining is to maintain a routine schedule for cleaning the deck with a power washer or a soft scrub brush and soap and a water hose. Broom off all debris and loose leaves then take your garden hose and hose down your deck to loosen up hard dirt and then finally take some soapy water and wash your deck. Then again rinsed the deck off to remove the soap. We have pressure washers specifically set up for cleaning decks with our deck power washing expertise we can leave you a nice clean deck. If you are interested in having any deck repair or deck maintenance including pressure washing of the deck and staining give us a call at (416) 568-3547 and ask for Vic. We serve the Mississauga/Oakville and Toronto and Richmond Hill areas.

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