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No problem we can fix your stucco ceiling repair Toronto

Do you have a brown water stain on your stucco ceiling or even worse is your stucco falling away from the overhead? There are few remedies for this; if your Rooftop is damaged, it can be repaired with fresh popcorn. In some cases, though the ceiling is so old it will have yellowed from age and not look fresh anymore. We can either paint your ceilings or remove your textured ceilings and make it a flat overhead drywall. Flat overhead drywall is becoming more common now they look more modern.  

Overhead Drywall repair Toronto and Mississauga

Is repairable depending on the damage? In some cases, the damages very minor only to have the pebbledash sealed and then repainted. The stucco never got loose and separated away from the drywall, so all that has to be done is prime it and then most probably the overhead drywall has to be repainted.  

Drywall repair 

Ceiling repair Toronto, Sometimes
The water damage is so bad that the drywall has to be replaced with a fresh piece of Plasterboard / Drywall. This is because the water had made the overhead drywall sag and is giving a bellied look. The new drywall has to be inserted into the ceiling properly with plaster and it’s smoothed out to make the overhead drywall consistent and flat and then prime with white primer. Priming the fresh inserted drywall gives the stucco a white background which is needed to make sure that the ceiling looks okay.  

Stuccoed drywall painting

  Stucco ceilings if they need painting have to be painted with an oil-based paint/Alkyd paint if they have ever been painted before. Latex paint if applied will dissolve the stucco on a fresh stucco at the ceiling. Generally, when we paint the stucco ceiling we paint with an oil primer such as Zinsser or Bin or Benjamin Moore’s sealer called SPS

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