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Deck repair _Deck Building

Looking for deck repair, restore a deck or deck painting and staining?

This is one home improvement that can be very useful and also at the same time enhance the  beauty and value of your home. decks are useful in many ways they’re great for playing area for kids, outdoor activities/parties and entertainment, sunbathing and also just simply eating outside after barbecue.  

Deck building

can be a very basic platform with basic wood such as pressure-treated wood to start with. Sometimes people need a deck because when they step out of their home they possibly have to step down a few steps onto their grass or patio stones which isn’t at all as convenient as just simply straight stepping out of your sliding doors onto a nice smooth wood surface. From the basic deck design you can start adding on features such as wood railings and wood benches and flowerpots and so on.

Deck staining and deck restoration

Sometimes also involves replacing parts of the deck. Over the years many times boards start to rot. We can replace those individual boards and then sand and re-stain your deck to make it look new. Natural looking wood decks are also very common and are the lowest maintenance issue. Here we apply a clear wood protectant to help the wood from rotting and UV rays. The biggest maintenance problems on wood decks/patios are rotting boards and loose railings and sinking and misaligned wooden stairs. Many times we have reinforced wood railings from wobbling by redesigning the way they were attached because of bad design or inexperienced builder. Get your deck project done right the first time! Call us for your quote now (416) 568-3547

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