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Drywall repair
gyprock repair

A good wallboard finisher like us can apply joint compound and drywall for any install and repair needs. Or just simply do a repair patch to a nice smooth finish.

There is much reason to call Mississauga handyman for Drywall repair Mississauga. Water damage is the biggest culprit. Just recently we were called in to do a REPAIR in a basement where water had flowed down the pipes and collected in a corner of a bulkhead and went along the studs and bridges inside the bulkhead framework.

Mississauga handyman was called in to fix a broken wallboard problem at a home.

 The water had washed out the aggregate in the drywall making it soft and crumbly and also made a belly in the flat part of the drywall. This all has to be cut out and cleaned up. Then some fresh drywall had to be cut to size and placed into the original spot that the old drywall was in.
 Afterward, the new drywall had to be screwed back into place with wallboard screws and then plastered over with sheetrock 90 which is a quick-drying dry plaster compound. You mix up a pail of this and you can use it for one hour before it starts setting. That is enough time to plaster whatever you need on the bulkhead. Afterward about three hours it is ready to sand for another coat. If one is a good plaster man probably the two coats will do the job but if not he will have to be put on as a skim coat to finish the job off for paint ready.

 Drywall is a hard and durable surface that can be obtained in sheets most commonly 4 x 8 sheets but can also be bought in 4 x 10 sheets and even larger at 4 x 12′ at Home Depot. Basically, it’s very compressed gypsum creating a very hard surface and is baked to around 500° to lose all the moisture in it and it is covered on both sides with special paper the first layer to be brown undercoat paper and then there is a finish coat white paper. This is the paper you will be painting on. This paper is less permeable for moisture penetration but if you have some exposed brown paper it is best to seal that first before repairing it. A great number of Toronto house buildings within the last 50 years have drywall instead of plaster walls

 The nice thing about gyprock boards is the ease of maintenance. If one needs to replace or repair the gyprock boards it is quite easy. First of all, it’s quite easy to obtain a sheet or a piece of gyprock boards at your local building center. If you need a small piece you have two options. The first option is you can get 2 x 2′ pieces of drywall for about five dollars or you can buy an entire sheet for about $12 but the problem is how do you take an entire sheet home in a car, of course, this is a savings but it might not be worth it. Mississauga handyman painting and carpentry services always have on hand the right size drywall sheet for the repair.

 There are also different kinds and types of gyprock boards for different applications. There are some situations in homes where the walls are more around moisture and water and there is protection needed against water damage. There are a special “green board” gyprock boards that are more water-resistant. These are usually placed in areas where there might be high concentrations of moisture vapour. This doesn’t mean direct water moisture won’t damage it if it is still not protected properly with caulking and a proper coat of appropriate kitchen and bathroom paints aren’t used. When Mississauga and Toronto drywall repair addresses one of these repairs we always recommend using high-quality kitchen or bathroom paints.

Broken drywall for repair Mississauga
Drywall repair after plumber
Wallboard damage before Picture
Drywall repair Boarded and taped
Drywall damage after Boarding and tapingWood fiber tape
Drywall repair
Drywall repair
Drywall installation with insulation
Drywall installation with insulation
Drywall repair is plastering
Drywall plastering to smooth out the wall
Ceiling drywall repairs
Drywall Patching hole in the ceiling after water damage
Drywall repair on Stucco ceiling
wallboard repair boarded with half-inch drywall
Drywall repair with fiber tape
Drywall patch tape with fibre tape before plastering
 doing drywall repair with Hard screen mesh to cover large hole in wall for plastering
metal screen mesh to cover large holes in drywall easy to install


Push back popping screws in drywall
Popping screws in drywall
Drywall patching
Drywall patch repairs
Mississauga handyman  damaged area for drywall repair
Separating joints and drywall
 Wallboard restoration in Mississauga (416-568-3547) is one of our specialties. If for example, you need someone to repair all the drywall in your home because of drywall cracks and drywall holes( small holes) from picture frames. And possibly even if someone put a doorknob through the wall, we can repair these types of holes with drywall restoration kit perfectly. Sometimes the drywall on the ceiling has to be repaired also. Many times people have ceiling damages caused by overflowing bathtubs, leaky pipes, leaky plumbing or overflowed toilets. Water leaks from above can do these types of drywall damages. We can come out and fix and plaster the drywall or even in worse cases we can replace the drywall. After replacing the drywall we can foster the drywall to a smooth surface and then primed drywall plaster and finally re-stucco spray ceiling to blend into the rest of the stucco ceiling. Stucco ceiling repairs are one of our specialties also. Give us a call (416) 568-3547 if you’re unsure of your ability to do any drywall repairs in your home. Rest assured our work is perfect and done quickly and professionally.
Years of experience just call for a free estimate over the phone to give you a rough idea how much your wall damage will cost.
There is one important thing to remember here that anyone might think they know how to do the repair especially if they have watched a lot of YouTube videos. Drywall repair is a very simple concept but it is somewhat stressful if you can’t get a nice flat smooth finish. This is where the years of experience comes in knowing exactly how to do it and how much material to use with our getting either a hump or depression or just simply a bad looking repair. Don’t forget that when the repair is done it might look okay but when you apply the paint to it that is where it can show up the deficiency if any is like having a slight dent somewhere on your car door. You might not be able to see it straight on but you can see it from an angle.

 ###For more information, contact them at 416-568-3547. Or send them a message at expertpainter@gmail.com for further details. Be a part of their growing list of happy clients today! A huge difference is what to expect along the way.

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