Exterior Painting Service

Exterior house painting is a Constant maintenance issue. Every few years the home owner has to repaint all or parts of the Home. Some homes have prefinished gutters/ eavestrough and’s soffits. Other homes have also prefinished aluminum windows or vinyl windows these options are the best when having a house built. The cost of exterior painting can get quite expensive. To properly do a exterior painting on the home first of all the whole needs to be washed with a power washer to get rid of all the dirt and grime built up over the years. Also the Power washing helps you clean all loose and peeling paint allowing you to identify the problem spots in the paint job. Once all the paint has been washed and the peeling paint removed with a scraper then the painter can Sand smooth the edges creating a smoother surface for the primer and paint to adhere to. Most windows have to be cocked in at the opening. Caulking dries out and cracks creating an ugly site and also possibly causing water leakage into the home. A good painting company will also do caulking on any window that has caulking on it ensuring that there are no cracks and degradation of the caulking. There are all kinds of exterior paints available these days and if you buy a topline exterior paint whether it be Benjamin Moore or Dulux at Sherwin-Williams they have high acrylic content and good UV protection built-in to keep it from fading. The new law in Ontario is that anyone working at heights has to have a certificate ensuring of their safety so beware and make sure that your painting company has taken the course and is certified to paint at heights.
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