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Things to Consider When Hiring Interior Carpentry Services For Your Home Repair

Finish carpentry vs Trim carpentry

You have to know what kind of finish carpentry service ( interior carpentry) skill area best fits the kind of job you need for your home interior. If you want interiors to have highly-decorative finishes and moldings that need fine craftsmanship, then you’ll need a finish carpentry service. Trim carpentry refers to the simplest type of molding installation that serves no more than the functional purpose of hiding gaps between interior structural elements such as wall-to-floor joints or wall-to-door joints.

Interior carpentry refers to jobs that involve many different kinds of carpentry skill areas such as trim carpentry, finish carpentry, custom furniture installation, acoustic installation, pre-manufactured furnishing, and a host of other services that covers practically everything from floor to ceiling. That is why many find it quite hard to get the right people to do the necessary interior carpentry job for their homes.

So if your concern is not just limited to interior repairs but a lot of other different things, read the following tips for hiring interior carpentry services, for your home repairs. Or else, you could end up hiring the wrong person for the job.

Individual (mississaugahandyman/Carpenters)vs. interior carpentry firm

The decision whether to hire one or two individual carpenters as against a carpentry firm could boil down to what kind of work needs to be done on your interior. An individual carpenter’s expertise would be enough for simple interior repairs or modification.

We thrive on doing small finish carpentry work. You might be thinking for a long time how nice it would be to have a little bit better looking wood trim in a particular room. You might want to fancy up your den or your family room with some extra trim. Or you might want to replace the old trim with a newer style of molding. You might want to make an opening between two rooms or remove a portion of wall and trim it out to make it look like a beautiful entrance way to the rooms.

Working on or altering pre-existing walls or trim is the main scope of our service. We are not a custom homebuilder or home renovator. We excel in smaller home improvement projects example you want to replace all your doors in your home or replace all your baseboards. You might want to rebuild some bulkhead in your finished basement.

Finish carpentry work in Mississauga

We have done many many homes in Mississauga. Everything from opening up walls to enlarging spaces between rooms creating that open concepts feeling. When homeowners feel they need a little more pizzazz to the rooms they might consider installing crown moldings which will definitely upgrade the room. We have done single rooms to complete homes with, holding in every room and hallway and staircase.

Doors and Trim

We can we trim your entire house with new doors and casings upgrading your homes presents to more modern look. If you have that old style flat slab door with no design we can replace it with a colonial 800 series multi pane door and door casings and replace all your baseboards with the same style and contour to match.

Wood book shelving

Oak or Maple Woods shelving  is a great cosmetic and space-saving idea. We can install some custom-made bookshelves to your specifications anywhere you like as long as it can be done. If you need we can install or redesigning the shelving in your walk-in closets with either wood or wire shelving.

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