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Carpentry and Remodelling and Repair in Mississauga and Toronto for House Improvements is our specialty. If you’re tired of the 60s or 70s look in your kitchen but you don’t have enough money to spend the big bucks we can come up with some smart solutions. Sometimes it is as easy as just simply installing new window trim and door casing and baseboards and do some painting on your kitchen cabinets. This will greatly improve the looks of your kitchen.
 House Improvements Kitchen Backsplash
House Improvements Kitchen remodelling with a new back splash
And another thing that can improve and modernize the kitchen as a backsplash. Backsplash is have come a long way from the old basic simple laying in tiles or your countertop. There’s a whole variety of different types of materials and shapes you can use for backsplashes. This can really set your kitchen apart from others.
kitchen remodel: 1927 Mission Revival bungalow
Small tilled backsplash
Another great idea is relocating some of your kitchen cupboards. Possibly you might be able to take some of your cupboards and put them into the middle of your kitchen floor and place an oversize countertop creating a breakfast area. You can also put a skirt at the bottom of your cupboards with recessed lighting or you can do the same thing on the top of your kitchen cupboards.

It’s important to remember that if you’re going to be demolishing or tearing out parts of your rooms then you will generate a significant amount of debris. Accordingly, construction materials like lumber, metal and glass are not typically allowed to be sent out with your weekly garbage. For this reason, renting a dumpster from somewhere like here is therefore a solution to your waste management woes. Above all, factoring a waste removal cost into your renovation budget is essential.

Other areas of the house can also be looked at for upgrading and improving. Another important room is the washroom. Here there are a lot of things that can be improved upon. Washrooms take a great beating and are used constantly. This room is subject to a lot of humidity and wall cleaning. Things that can be done to ensure that the washroom is in tip top shape all the time is to make sure that it is being well ventilated and that all the caulking around the tub and tiles and vanity are done properly to ensure that there is no water leakage anywhere. Preparing and painting a washer is probably the most common thing people do. After years of use there can be mold build up and peeling paint. In cases where the washroom had been neglected for a long time, the walls and ceilings have to be washed thoroughly with wall cleaners that will remove mildew and bacteria and then let it dry. If there is any peeling silicone caulking now is the time to remove it carefully. Using a very sharp box cutting blade score the edges of the caulking releasing it from the wall and tiles or wall and cabinet. Being very gentle and careful not to damage the other surfaces. Next all the walls and ceilings will be examined for damages such as peeling paint and cracks. These will be filled possibly taped with fiber tape to permanently repair the crack. Once all your walls and ceilings are repaired with plaster sanded and primed the room can be painted with a kitchen and bathroom latex paint. If caulking is required then a thin bead should be applied to the joint being careful not to over smear any walls.

Bathroom Vanity

To freshen up your bathroom even more you might consider a new vanity. There are all kinds of different vanities to choose from. There are very simple ones such as a pedestal sink vanity to a vanity box cabinet with multiple doors and drawers where you can place everything from fresh towels to cleaning agents.

Room lighting

Another nice upgrade is a fresh set of wall lamps above the vanity mirror. There are all kinds of designs and shapes to choose from here. Recently with the New LED Lights which save a lot of energy and a bright can really set your washroom apart from others.

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