kitchen cabinet painting service – custom cabinet doors

kitchen cabinet painting service & custom cabinet doors

 kitchen cabinet painting service Kitchen  Custom Cabinet Doors Painting
kitchen cabinet painting service

Let’s Paint up Some Custom Cabinet Doors
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Repairs and painting, are one of our most common handyman home service offerings.
These cabinet doors on most homes and condos have the European-style hinges that on occasion go out of alignment and get loose and even break. Almost all door hinges have one or two adjustments enabling the door to move in and out and also sideways enabling the door to align with the next door. It does take some tinkering with the set screw to be able to align the door perfectly and still have it open properly and not hit or jam the cabinet or the other door. The adjustments have to be made in small increments because the one adjustment will also affect the other adjustment. One single adjustment might make the door move into proper position on one end and not a position on the other. This is where some patients or skill is required to accomplish perfect alignment of the doors. In a lot of cases, kitchen cabinets start looking old or out of date at which time nice quick easy way to fix them up is to unscrew all your hardware such as knobs and hinges and replace them with new modern looking accessories.

 Now Painting Your Classier looking Custom Cabinet Doors

Most the time when we do this type of work we also repaint the kitchen cabinets while the hardware is off. It is a most welcome change to go from dull boring look to a modern new look. In most cases, kitchen cabinet painting is a two-day process. Where the first day is preparing the cabinets by removing all the hardware and washing down all the cabinets and doors with tri-sodium phosphate which is very powerful degreasing agent. After these doors and cabinets have been washed and dried a light sanding is performed to deglaze the surface. Once the surface is dolled down to accept a fresh coat of cabinet paint the first coat can be applied. Ample amount of drying time has to be allowed as per manufacturer’s specification to ensure that the material is adhering and ready for the next coat. We lightly sand again with a very fine sandpaper approximately 180 grit to ensure there are no dried dust particles on the cabinets. Then we proceed with the second coat of kitchen cabinet paint applying it evenly and finely to give it that nice smooth finish. After the kitchen cabinets are dry, dry enough to be able to handle them, the hardware can be placed on. Paying close attention not to abrade/scuff the freshly painted door. We usually use soft gloves for this process. Once you have your entire kitchen repainted with your new cabinets painting done it will look like you have a brand spanking new kitchen for a lot less than it would cost you to buy new cabinets. 

Of Course, There Is The Ultimate Spray Painting The Custom Pantry Doors

This, of course, is a premium paint job but is obviously the best and if you’re looking for the absolute best this the way to go. But it does come with a heftier price tag. When spray painting an entire kitchen cabinet assembly the entire surrounding area including ceilings and walls floors and openings have to be covered and sealed off. This makes the area a spray booth. Any adjoining surfaces have to be taped off to make sure that no paint gets on where it shouldn’t be.

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