should i paint my oak kitchen cabinets white

Should I paint my oak kitchen cabinets white?


should i paint my oak kitchen cabinets white

Should I paint my oak kitchen cabinets white? Yes

99% of the time you can't go wrong. your kitchen cabinets white.
White cabinets give your kitchen a very clean elegant look. They also reflect more light giving this space a more spacey look.
When asking "should I paint my oak kitchen cabinets white" you don't have much to worry about white is the most accepted basic kitchen cabinets color.
When you go to stores that display kitchen cupboard you'll see the bulk of them are in white, white shows the best.
You have options on the shine level that you wish to have on the cabinets. Obviously the shinier the cabinet is the easier it is to wipe clean. Also although we recommend that only brand-new pristine condition cabinet doors should be painted with a glossy paint. Glossy paint reflects any imperfections and irregularities in the cabinetry. This is especially so if there were repairs made to the faces of the cabinets. Repair marks show up vividly when a glossy surface is applied. For example, if you have a brand-new car and there is a small dent in the door it is very noticeable because the car door has a very high shine level on it. But if it was a match finished you would not see the damage.
You can't protect your finish by using a urethane topcoat after the white basecoat has completely dried. The kitchen cabinet clearcoat will protect any scuff marks and abrasion marks. But don't forget though that this is still painted and any paint will get scratched.
So should I paint my oak kitchen cabinets white probably YES

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