small condo kitchen/living room tips and makeover

Small Condo Kitchen/Living Room In Mississauga and Toronto

Designer Cameron MacNeil transforms a builder basic condo kitchen into a modern space with timeless finishes and sleek appliances. Steal his expert storage tips, small space design advice and more.

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When you’re thinking about updating your small condo kitchen/living room other than kitchen cabinets painting I thought this would be a good little video you can see different ideas on the way to handle small kitchen areas. In this video, the designer maximized using high-tech appliances and ideas. The benefits of changing all the appliances and hardware are immediately realized just by their efficiency. Of course, the equipment which was installed in this video was premium stuff but you might be able to find something of lesser costs from places like Home Depot or Lowe’s. He moved the kitchen countertop out a little and made a larger countertop  ( this is where he addressed the small condo kitchen/living room space issue a little) for a little more space around the stove and also allowing a little more usable space on the top

small condo kitchen/living room
little condo kitchen/living room

plus some extra storage space underneath on the dining room side where they could store small items like bottles of beverages. It also has some great ideas for little extra storage here and there. Also, there was a very handy vertical storage space created to utilize as a Kitchen pantry.

Hopefully, after watching this video you’ll get a better idea on how to tackle your small condo kitchen/living room space issue.




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