Spray Painting or Brush and Roller Painting

Both ways of painting are good to use in their own way. If you're looking to do a job quicker and you are not too concerned about overspray, then you might be interested in spray painting. Sometimes spray painting is the only way that you could do the paint job quickly and efficiently. As you know it is difficult to get into tight places and hard-to-reach areas with the roller and brush. Also, you would not get as good a coverage with the roller brush as you would from spray painting. But the thing to keep in mind if you overspray in one spot too long you will have sags or drips creating a ugly paint job.
Spray painting obviously takes some preparation work, when you spray paint you have to keep in mind that spray floats everywhere and of course. Wherever the spray gun is aimed is to be painted. So you have to make sure that you mask off everything properly that you don't have any paint on and also you have to contain the area so that the drifting overspray won't land on some items that cannot be sustained with paint.

Roller and brush painting is a slower method, but doesn't create such a mess. You don't have to worry about overspray and drifting paint onto other things in other areas. This method is obviously slower because of a couple of different reasons, when you're painting by brush or roller you have to continuously refill the brush or roller with paint, and also you have to work out the paint properly to ensure a nice smooth even finish.
Using only the best paints will create very nice and smooth even paint finishes the look level without having any brush or roller marks in it.
So these are the considerations at the least you have to think about when you are deciding whether you want to spray paint something, or you want to paint it by brush and roller.

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