Spray Painting Pointers

If you consider spray painting anything around your home, there are some important factors that you should keep in mind to ensure that you didn't waste your time and money.

Is important to make sure that your spray painted surface has cured and dried before you spray the next coat on. I generally like to spray multiple thin coats on rather than spraying one good thick one on it's difficult to get rid of the SAG if you overspray on the spot and this is where you see the paint running or dripping down.
I found that if you spray in direct sunlight in the summer, for example, the paint will dry to quickly not allowing it to level out and adhere well to the wall.
Cold-weather spraying should be done under the manufacturers recommendations for the minimum temperatures allowed and make sure also that what you're painting stays the same temperature and doesn't drop while the paint is drying
This goes the same for wind, a light breeze shouldn't affect the spray pattern too much and not affect the actual paint job but and believe me this is bad if the wind catches your spray you'll most probably spray paint everything in the vicinity, and this could be disastrous.
Most paints can be reduced for better atomization (breaking up the paint molecules into smaller specs) as it goes through the gun. But here again follow the instructions of the manufacture not to over thin.
Never paint when the humidity in the air is above 85% because you will be painting on top of water. The paint will blister under these conditions.
Mississauga House Painters also go by these guidelines to ensure quality paint jobs. There is no exceptions for anyone, no matter how good you are, you can't play with the laws of physics.


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