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Besides doing deck building and repairs in the summer months we are seasoned experts at interior house painting mostly condo painting in hundreds of different condos in the Square One area in Mississauga.

On occasion we have been invited in on a single request for fixing kitchen cupboard door hinges and ended up painting the whole entire condo. This was a pleasant surprise for the homeowner because they had everything done at one time and quickly.

This makes me recall a time when a homeowner called me for fixing a kitchen cabinet door which was falling off and while we were there she asked me if we could paint the kitchen cabinet doors which we said most certainly be good since that is the business we are in.

She was so pleased with the new look of her kitchen cabinets repainted that she asked if we could paint the rest of the condo which we did all in one day.

Since the condo had never been repainted it looked smudgy and tired and dull. Paint on the wall after a certain amount of years loses its vibrant look. Things like touching the wall here and there can create smudges on the paint and also when the paint ages it does develop a different tinge of color. Even if you repaint the same color it will most certainly brighten up the wall. There definitely is a difference between a freshly painted wall and an old wall even though it is the same color. This would be called refreshing the room with a coat of paint and it works.

So the motto of the story is in this case was that it wouldn’t look right a freshly repainted kitchen in a dull looking condo.

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