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Our Mississauga carpentry service supplies,

 · Baseboard Installation

we will remove all your baseboards and replace them with any style of baseboard you would like. In most cases people usually choose a larger baseboard giving the room a more substantial and modern look. Baseboards can be either painted white car can be stained the floor color. Obviously the latter will probably require the same type of wood that is used for the flooring to match it. All outside corners and inside corners will match perfectly to ensure a tight fit.

· New Door Replacement


If you are looking to really upgrade and update your doors and door casings in your house to complement your new baseboards this is a good way to go. Putting in colonial series doors and casings really really enhance the way the house looks. Many houses from the 1980s or earlier all have small flat style door casings and baseboards and window casings. Today though everyone is using larger more profiled. wood.


 ·Custom-Built Wood Shelving



People looking for stackashelf products can have custom-built items of the same nature built to their specifications. Even though stackashelf is modular, it still might not fit the application exactly the way you want it to. The shelf might be too high or the shelf might be too deep or might be too wide or just simply the wrong color and material. Custom-built shelving is the way to go to get exactly what you want.

The nice thing about custom-built shelving using the stackashelf method is you get exactly the shelving configuration that you need not mention you also get the right wood finish or laminate finish. Each modular shelves can also be constructed out of cedar wood which gives your closet a nice fresh smell, and a very good look.

All custom-built shelving can be tailor-made to suit your needs.



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