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 Shelving Storage Is a Great Way to Increase Your Storage Space

Looking for more Storage Space? Shelving is simple and quite cheap way to add additional storage to any room in your home.
Shelving can be put just about anywhere on walls, under stairs, in closets or even your garage. So if you're looking for additional space think about adding some shelving. Building and installing shelving doesn't require any specialized tools or skill.
There are a number of different materials you can make shelving out of. If you're looking for just straight non-decorative storage space then consider using plywood for your shelving. And if you want to upgrade and decide you want to use it in a decorative fashion than there other options like pre-made melamine shelving which comes in different widths and lengths that you can buy at home improvement stores such as home depot for storage space shelving or Lowe's these shelf boards have finished edges all the way around so they can be installed any which way.

Ways to attach shelving To Increase Your Storage Room

Mounting brackets are one choice there is a large variety and styles of these types of brackets everything from straight commercial grade primed steel brackets to designer brackets with fancy designs and shapes.
The  shelving brackets have to be attached to the wall. The most common way is to use wall plugs or wall anchors.
These also come in many different varieties from the straight plastic plug where you screw in the screw and it will expand the plug to jam up against inside the whole creating a secure and tight fit not allowing the plug to pull out. These are the most common and cheapest ones and are supplied most shelving installations.
But, these types of fasteners (plastic wall plugs) are not the ones to use where any amount of considerable weight is being supported. Plastic anchors are more for vertical support which means that if the weight is pulling down on the screw inside the anchor it will give you good support but if you have any type of force pulling the screw out from the wall they are weak.

 Storage space

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When installing shelving you need something more secure than plastic wall plugs. If you are putting up shelving that is going to have some weight on it such as books which is a lot of weight you need to be able to fasten the shelving brackets onto wall studs

 storage space saving shelving bracket

shelving bracket for storage room saving

. Using screws that are long enough and course enough to be able to withstand tension. What screws can vary in the thread diameter from a number 6 to number 10 which is a quite heavy course thread. Shopping brackets usually have about three holes per bracket to attach to the wall. Starts in walls are placed at 16 inch centers. So if you have a 4 foot shelf you will need for brackets for optimum support and strength. The first bracket will go on first wood stud behind the drywall then you will have a second bracket at the 16 inch interval and next at the 32 inch interval and finally the end bracket will go on the 48 inch interval. This is 4 brackets times 3 holes each making a total of 12 screws which is a considerable amount of support.

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