Getting rid of a stucco ceiling. The Stucco Ceiling Removal

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Stucco Ceiling Removal

If your home has a stucco ceiling and are interested in

 stucco ceiling removal
Stucco ceiling removal

and you’re tired of looking at it it looks old mid 70’s and you would like to up date your home with nice fresh ceilings then it’s time to remove them. Stucco Ceiling Removal Is not an easy task for the average person because it is messy and requires certain amount of equipment such step ladder and scrapers and a sanding pole to sand the ceiling. Then you need a certain amount of plastering equipment to be able to plaster the ceiling most probably two times one time to get rid of the bulk of the irregularities and the second time to smooth out and finish the plaster to a nice smooth surface. You will have to be able to properly sand between plaster coats here this requires a certain amount of skill and know-how so you will be able to do the sanding such a way that you’re not making any grooves marks or scratches or depressions in the new plaster this is important because when you paint the ceiling it will have to look just like your wall nice flat and smooth. Most probably this work will have to be done on a scaffolding or a step ladder obviously the scaffolding would be a little bit easier and quicker because it is more easily to access more of the ceiling at one time making the job go quicker but if you do not have a scaffold you’ll have to use a step ladder which will slow you down. Don’t forget you have to cover all the floors and furniture if there is any in the room. It is advisable that you remove the furniture because when you start sanding the ceiling the drywall dust will get in everywhere. Drywall dust is light and floats and lands on everything as a fine layer of powder. The first coat of plastering you will probably have to sand more than on the second coat. The better job you do on the first coat of plaster the less you’ll have to plaster on the second coat and the easier it will be on your sanding. Ceiling painting advice if you have removed a stucco ceiling from a concrete slab ceiling then it is advisable that you use oil primer or oil flat paint on your new plastered ceiling. When you are using oil paint it does not dissolve and loosen the bond up in between the plaster and the concrete. The last thing you need is your plaster to fall down. Some painters use oil primer as a ceiling finish coat but if the primer is still too shiny then it is advised that you topcoat with a flat oil finish coat paint. Oil paint it takes a longer time to dry but it looks great when it is, it is dead flat not reflecting any irregularities that still might be on the ceiling from a small scratch or gouge that might be seen from a higher gloss type finish coat.
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