The Advantages of Using Cedar Wood in Your Home

Cedar Wood Uses on Your Home


 cedar wood ceiling
one good use for cedar wood


Cedar lumber, although more expensive than other types of lumber, has its advantages when it comes to house constructions and home improvements. If you want the perfect lumber for your roofs, sidings, or even for your patios and decks at home, the extra money you might need to spend for cedar lumber is all worth it. Here are the advantages of using cedar lumber for your home:

Attractive Exterior

One of the characteristics that cedar lumber is famous for and that makes people choose it over the other lumber types is the way it creates a beautiful exterior. Since centuries ago, people choose cedar lumber for the construction of some of the features of their houses, such as the fences, the patio, roofs and many decorative parts of the house.

Cedar wood has a naturally beautiful golden brown color and that makes painting or varnishing optional for some households. Over time, the golden brown becomes rustic gray color which has its own charming effect. However, in order to preserve its natural color, a clear wood finish can do the trick.

Durable and Long Lasting

Although weaker than other lumber such as cypress and redwood, cedar lumber is known to be durable against rotting as well as against insect, mildew, fungi and other elements. As long as proper maintenance is observed, cedar wood can be tough for years, or even decades.  Maintenance tasks include regular inspection for termites and regular cleaning at least two times a year.

In addition, cedar is also tough against bending, swelling, and splitting. Therefore, worrying about your sliding or your roofs getting warped or twisted won’t be a problem with cedar.

Low Maintenance and Environment-Friendly

It is highly recommended to do regular cleaning and checking for the accumulation of moisture and presence of termite every now and then on cedar. Compared with other lumber, this is considered to be low maintenance.  Since there is no need to apply treatments and other chemical processing on it, it is also friendly towards the environment. Moreover, once the wood has surpassed its usefulness and has served its purpose, cedar wood can be disposed of as it is completely harmless and decomposable.

Excellent Insulation

When it comes to insulation, cedar is deemed to be superior. Preventing the loss of heat inside houses during the winter season is advantageous in saving energy as well as money. During summer, however, cedar wood can keep the cool air inside.

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