The Best Ways to Use Your Cedar Wood Types

One Of My Favorite Wood Types Is Cedar

 Wood types/Cedar

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Cedar wood
is one of the most used and preferred wood categories of lumber in house and furniture construction. Cedar may not be as strong as oak and redwood, but it is strong and durable enough for most woodworking projects at home. Also, cedar lumber is stylish in a way that its natural color is attractive enough without having to add paints and stains. The appearance is still attractive when the wood’s natural color washes out through time. The following are few ways on how you can make good use of your cedar wood boards and lumber.

  • House Sidings

An advantage of using cedar lumber types as a house siding is that it possess excellent dimensional stability. This particular characteristic of cedar makes it durable against moisture, temperature, or weather, in a manner that it doesn’t warp, twist, or change its shape and size when exposed to such extrinsic elements.

Furthermore, cedar lumber is also known to have a remarkable and eco-friendly insulation properties. The wood allows heat to stay inside the house during a cold weather while also keeping the cool air inside during hot weather.

  • Furniture

Your wooden bookshelves, tables, chairs, and other wooden furniture can be in good condition for decades if made with cedar. The wood is tough against rotting and termites but in the event that you do have termites termite control los angeles maybe able to assist you eradicate them. Furniture made of cedar lumber can be placed safely outside the home, like in the backyard or the front patio.

Also, cedar is basically light and is an excellent material for those who love woodworking. It’s easy to work with when building your woodworking projects such as unique shelves.

  • Decking and Fencing

In the same way that cedar wood is a good choice for house siding, it is also a good choice to be used in decking for your outside patios, and fencing for your back and front yards. You may paint the wood to match the color of your house to improve its appearance. This may also easily go well with your outside furniture such as rustic tables and chairs, and your pots of plants and flowers.

  • Shingles and Roofing

Cedar is also widely used as shingles in roof tiling. With cedar, the installation of shingles will not be very difficult and time consuming since it’s lightweight. And since it is also proven to be durable against weather, termites and other elements, cedar wood for shingles or roof tiling is actually a cost effective choice.

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