Top Four Tips on Getting Ready with House Painting

You are quite serious with your house painting project. You have a limited time to finish this, so you are intent on making sure that you will get this done as efficiently as you can. Your biggest challenge is that you have no experience in doing this by yourself and you haven’t tried painting big surfaces.

For as long as you set your mind that you can finish this house painting project, nothing should stop you from accomplishing that goal. To help you get focused with the task at hand, here are some tips on how to get started with it.

1. You have to gather all the needed tools before you begin with house painting. It will help if you are going to have a tool station near the area that you will paint. The tool station must have all the necessary things that you will need as you go on with the task, not only the paint brushes, paint rollers and paints, but also the things that are necessary to clean up the mess, such as rags, razor blade, plastic wrap and drop cloths.

2. Do not be too hard on yourself by trying to cover a big area in a day. You would not like the outcome if you will push through with this. Instead, take your time. You must first cover the areas and things that you do not want to accidentally spill any paint on. Check the walls for any cracks and holes. Patch these up, if there are any, to make sure that the outcome will look smooth.

3. In painting doors, windows and cabinets, it is recommended that you put away the knobs and hinges first. It will be hard to contain the drips that these materials may get as you finish your house painting project. This also goes with light switch plates, light covers and fixtures. It is important though that you remember where exactly did you store the items, so that you would know where to get these when you are done with painting.

Door painting
Painter brushing door.

4. You must also be ready with the task. You have to be prepared that your clothes are bound to get paint drips, so it is best that you wear old, but comfortable clothes. Do not wear any jewelry and for your footwear, choose something that is easy to take off and put on. You would be moving a lot, so you have to choose the kind of footwear that will not bother you in the process.

Paint drops on floor
Paint drips on floor

Author: Vic Nagy

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