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is offering an extremely good price on the interior painting of your home. Our interior painting price includes the rooms of average size that would take up 1 gallon of paint per room. We like using only top-line paint such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams paint or Pittsburgh Manor Hall paints which are all exceedingly good in performance such as they cover well and do not fade over time and are washable. Washability in the paint is important because if you have kids that make your walls dirty it will be more convenient if the paint was cleanable and washable and you can only get this in top quality paints. More expensive paints may have limited Warranties which will cover the paint. Low-quality paints don't tend to come with warranties, so you should be wary of these. However, in the case that any problems arise, you'll probably have to pay for professional help to repair or replace your surfaces. all Some cheaper paints you wash them once and you end up washing the paint off.

Step one – 

Preparing for interior wall painting


the first thing that has to happen is all the furniture has to be placed in such a way that all the walls are accessible. When painting a room, there are some important precautions to take. The furniture has to be covered down with plastic drapes and then the floors have to be covered completely to protect against paint splatter. It's important to protect your furniture and floors before you begin painting, to avoid any issues. In order for the paint to stick it needs something to adhere to. The cheapest option is plastic drapes and the floors need a layer of plastic or Dropcloth. If there is any furniture that cannot fit through the door,  you will need to cover it with a light plastic to prevent any paint drops.

Step two –

Plaster repairs/drywall repairs

drywall repair

Plaster repair

drywall repairs preparation has to be taken care of now with some quick-dry plaster and sandpaper. Repairs have to be done to nail holes from pictures and cracks in the walls that could be around windows and doors or ceilings. And some caulking that might be applied in cracks and crevices between the baseboards in the walls or the door casing and the wall. These are unsightly when not filled in and just have an ugly open gap between the wall and the trim.
Step three –

Priming the walls

Wall priming

is important otherwise, you will end up getting flash marks where the paint goes dull and darker than the rest of the wall over top of the fresh plaster making it obvious that there was a repair done to the drywall.

Step four

Painting walls can be one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks in interior decorating. One gallon of paint should cover two coats on all the walls in a typical room, but it may take more if wall surfaces are uneven or have a lot of texture. . Paint usually takes about 15 minutes to dry.


Step five

Room cleanup

when the room has been entirely painted then we expect to make sure that everything has been painted properly. We make sure that all the lines are straight and that there are no missed areas of paint and that the paint has no paint sags or drips. We then pick up all our plastic from the furniture and remove all the drop sheets off the carpet or hardwood floor.    call now 416-568-3547 for a free estimate over the phone. Areas we serve are Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, And Oakville.


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