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serving Mississauga and Etobicoke and Brampton have been doing house painting since 1979. Our painting services include painting kitchen cabinet painting and wall painting to bathroom painting. Our painting company only uses the most high-quality paint for home painting. So for peace of mind, you have done the right thing in finding Mississaugahandyman your painters in Mississauga. Don’t hesitate to call for a free estimate.
Mississauga handyman house painters, high-quality painting services, work quickly and professionally to produce a quality good looking, effective paint job you will be pleased with.

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paint all different types of homes, fully detached homes, condo painters, and even apartment painters.

Our process starts with evaluating the job in deciding with the input of the owner where to start. To make it convenient for the homeowner we asked them where they would like us to start if you’re painting their entire home. Mississauga handyman painting services try to accommodate everyone for their convenience. If we are painting a two-story home, for example, it is not wise to disrupt all the bedrooms at the same time if they cannot be done in one day for one reason or another. For example, in such cases where there were many posters and things attached to the wall, there will be some drywall repairs and for this, it might take two days to finish that bedroom or some other room in the house.

It is important to coordinate with the owner to make sure that things go smoothly and quickly. Sometimes the homeowner has items that should be placed in safe places or removed from the area to be painted. Once the room has been cleared we start by covering the floors and any remaining furniture with plastic and drop sheets. The plastic is to protect the furniture from drywall dust and paint and the drop sheets are to protect the floor from paint splatter.

Once the room was prepared (completely covered for protection) we examine all the walls and trim work (doors and baseboards and windows). We look for cracks and holes in any irregularities that should not be there on the trim and walls.

We have different types of

Drywall Repair

remedies that can be incorporated into any of the damaged drywall and trim work. We use dry plaster compound to fill any holes or cracks in the drywall and if necessary we will use tape (fiber tape) over large cracks that will eventually open up again if not properly covered. We usually apply two coats of plaster repair to accomplish a smooth drywall finish that later will be sanded, primed, and painted.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

is another service we provide which involves the complete removal of any textured ceiling. The removal process involves a lot of labor since the popcorn texture has to be removed either by sanding it off to a smooth surface or skim-coating it. After all the texture is removed, dust and debris are cleaned up and the ceiling can be repaired if necessary.


Home Staging

Mississauga house painters will remove all switch plates and receptacle plates and also remove all doorknobs and door stoppers prior to starting preparation work.

Trim Painting

The trim work also is inspected to ensure that it looks good removing any gaps between the miter joints by filling them up with paintable caulking if they are small cracks in the wood joints. The wood then will be sanded down to a smooth surface and then primed ready for paint.

Now if we are including ceiling painting and stucco ceiling removal we can do this just before we start doing preparations on the walls and doors. We will talk a little more about stucco ceiling removal and whatever other services.

Now that everything is prepared this time to prime. If it is a big change in color it is smart to prime the complete entire drywall area with primer to neutralize the background color. This will not only make the job easier but also save you some money on the finished coat painting. If it takes a gallon of paint to paint the room and use up an additional gallon just to prime the room better off using primer and not wasting the extra money on the paint itself. Primer only costs for example $40 a gallon whereas paint might cost $80 a gallon.

Prime Painting

After the room has been primed it is then time to inspect again to make sure that there’s nothing being missed. And if not correct the missed areas, and prime again.

Our professional Mississauga house painters paint so accurately and quickly they do not need painters to tape on common areas such as the wall to ceiling. corners or around door casings and window casings. We go around and paint all the edges from ceiling to floor and run doors and baseboards with the wall paint. This usually happens with two coats of paint everywhere just ensure that there is no boxing of the walls on the finished product later on.

Wall Painting

Rolling walls is the last thing we do. Rolling the walls is done evenly and systematically around the room. We ensure that there are no watermarks from the roller rolling on the paint. We use special Pro painting rollers that deposit the paint smoothly and evenly. We do not attempt to paint to finish the first coat. It is wiser to put 2 thinner coats on the wall than one too-thick coat. More than likely it will not cover anyway and secondly, you’re running a chance of a bumpy orange peel surface texture.

Real estate agents are welcome to invite Mississauga handyman painting services on any home painting projects. When people are selling homes and they hire an efficient and effective real estate agent who knows what they’re doing they might suggest doing a whole house repainting to bring back the natural beauty of the home. We have real estate agents who call us regularly after they sign up, the home. They have us come and estimate the painting.
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