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types of houses in mississauga – learn real estate terms

Types of Houses in Mississauga and Cost of Maintenance

here are the main types of houses in Mississauga
Detached … semi-detached … townhouse … link home … what do these mean? And how do I find the right home when it’s not always easy to understand real estate jargon?
A link home may look like two separate detached homes above-ground, but they share a common foundation underneath, writes Joe Richer.


Cost of Repair for Types of Houses in Mississauga

Mississauga painter often gets calls from homeowners who can’t specify the types of homes in Mississauga, there are different types of house in Mississauga they own. They have to break it down to explain to me the type of house they live in. They will call up and say they need a wallboard repair and decorate their house. There are many different varieties of houses. To begin with, the most obvious ones are a detached house which is a freestanding building with one residence. This could be anything from a bungalow which is a single level home that can range anywhere from 600 ft.² to thousands of square feet. And then there are homes which are three-story buildings all with single residency.

Then there are types of homes in Mississauga that are called “semi-detached” where one building homes two residences. Here again, these can be ranging from 1000 ft.² and up. The type of house does not reflect the quality and the build. There are some semi ‘s that are very very plush and expensive.

Mississaugapainter has worked on painting and doing drywall repairs on all of these different types of houses. No matter what the quality level of the house is, the repairs are done the same way ultimately ending up with a proper undetectable drywall repair finish.

Drywall and plaster repairs
are all the same no matter which type of home you buy. The major difference is in the quality of the finishes on the interior walls and trim work. Wall decorating in itself will be the same whether it is an expensive house or an inexpensive full. Possibly the only difference between the two will be that one house uses a high-end quality color while the other one might use a cheap color. You can tell the difference between a good quality overlay and a cheap color by the way it looks and feels. The cheapest color if not coated properly will have inadequate coverage where you can see the underlying substrate (wallboard) while a good quality high-end paint such as Benjamin Moore regal will totally hide and cover the wall perfectly.

The same concept goes for the wood trim such as baseboards doors and door frames and windows. A high-end paint will cover with luster the wood and feel smooth were as if the worker used a cheap paint you will feel texture and roughness on the wood decorated trim.
Hopefully, this helped a little on your quest for types of houses in Mississauga, understanding.


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