What to know about Stucco Repairs & Stucco Removal

What to know about Stucco Repairs & Stucco Removal

Stucco ceilings look great when they are fresh and new. Unfortunately, time will take its toll on these stuccoed ceilings and things will happen such as ceiling scrapes and water damages. Recently a customer had brought in a Christmas tree and scratched the stucco from the ceiling with the tree as they were bringing it in.

The stucco was a number of years old and had some other problems with it such as stains from candles burning and cigarette smoke which made the ceiling look bad and dull.

The customer asked what the popcorn ceiling. 1st of all we have to determine whether or not the ceiling has in his passes in the because this requires extra caution because asbestos is a health hazard to breeze

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Uhh, that doesn’t sound fun. Well, that’s ‘cause isn’t. So the absolute first step in how to remove popcorn ceiling (before you get started on anything else), is to get it inspected by a pro. You want to make sure it does not have asbestos before you start messing around with it. It’s just not worth it to skip this step, so get it done!

 To start with since the stucco removal is such a dirty job make sure there's nothing in the room at all. And the things you cannot remove make sure they are covered completely. You will have numerous operations performed before you are finished with removing and painting your ceiling.

Since you are working overhead is extremely important to make sure that you are wearing our production and the protection should not only be protecting the front face of your eyes but also the sides because things do drop to the corner of your eyes so make sure you get a good pair of wraparound full protection glasses or face shield to cover your whole face.

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Open those windows, and put a small fan on the ground, blowing parallel to the floor. We also recommend using eye protection and a dust mask. Even if you don’t have allergies, you are purposely making stuff fall from the ceiling. We’d want to cover our faces if we were doing that.

Spray It

So here we are with the first “active” step in how to remove popcorn ceiling. Using a simple garden sprayer, spray a 5’x5’ area of the popcorn ceiling. Wait a few minutes, and then spray that area again. Doing this will make it easier to scrape off the popcorn from the adhesive that is already there.

Here you can employ a variety of methods of manually scraping off the popcorn from the ceiling. We usually use a dull six-inch plaster knife, the dullness of the knife helps not to gouge and scrape the underlying drywall especially when it is already wet.

Taken this wet stucco mixture off is easy but very very messy and I was just taking it off in small sections such as probably just to 24 inches at a time. If you are using a stepladder it is wise to cover the stepladder with plastic or something that you will be able to remove and throw after you have finished scraping the ceiling. If this stucco ends up stuck to your letter's can be difficult to clean easily. This also is a reason why you covered the floor completely so you can wrap up the floor when you're done.

After you have removed all the popcorn you place your fan in an appropriate position to fan the room and dry all the wet surfaces. Once the web services are dry I suggest that you send everything lightly and inspect your ceiling to make sure that it is paint ready and if not do the appropriate repairs with some plaster.

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