How to Install Window Trim

How to install window trim

Something missing in this room? What can I do to fix this?

Have you ever had a room the was looking nice and comfortable except they just simply didn't have any pizzazz to it. It didn't look modern just basic. You look around the room and you thinking about maybe watching to furniture around maybe the possibly buy some new furniture even paint the room but it still doesn't quite look exciting enough. Then you try different colors on the walls maybe painter doors and windows a different colour for contrast but that still doesn't work very well either. Then you try putting on different window coverings. You would put horizontal blinds on and even a valance over the top of the window but still, it didn't quite look right. You start looking at magazines to get some ideas on what you might be able to do to your room to spruce it up and give it that modern and exciting look.

 Mitre joint window casings or butt joints casings

Looking at the magazines there were different types of window casing styles that you might choose. You might think about using a colonial series 800 – 5-inch casing all the way around the window with miter joints. This looks nice but it is basically very standard in new home construction. You have to come up with something even fancier looking that but easy to install. There's nothing easier than putting cases together via. butt joints. There is no minors to worry about here where the horizontal and vertical boards meet. Mitre joints around Windows if the window jam is not perfect it's a little difficult to put together a window casing with perfect joints and still look good.

How to Install Craftsman Style Window  Casing

Update your standard window boards with this Craftsman Type Window Trim tutorial.


One effective home-improvement to the interior of your home is changing all your boards. On how to install craftsman style window trim. You can convert your 1970-ish style trim to modern contemporary style trimming. This can be done without any damages to your existing walls in most cases. Changing the trim on your windows and doors can drastically change the appearance of the room.

Measuring the windows


Once you have decided the design of your window casings you must take measurements of the boards to be installed. You'll need to measure the horizontal boards and vertical boards to coincide with your window opening. We usually use clear pine or good quality mill grade what that is straight with no twists. We always check to make sure looking down the length of the ward not to have any twists or curves in it.


Trimming your window


It is important that you make sure that your boards are level both horizontally and vertically. If your miter cuts are perfect and your boards are perfectly level then the joint between the horizontal and vertical board will be also perfect with no gaps or openings.


Tools needed to install window casings.


If you are only installing one window casing you might not need any power tools.  A manual mitre saw and a good hammer about 16 ounces and a nail set to drive the nail below the surface of the wood. You might also need a sanding block to sand off rough edges. And finally, a caulking gun to fill in any gaps between the wood in the wall or the casing and the jambs.


For more detailed information about installing new window casing check out the how-to install window  trim article



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