Mastering Kitchen Cabinet Painting: Raised Panel Doors

Painting The Kitchen Cupboards with Black or

White Kitchen Designs in Color

Recently we painted an entire oak kitchen Cabinetry changing it from a natural wood oak color to a bright white and making the room brighter and feel larger not to mention newer and more modern. A lot of people are leery of going in painting the kitchen cupboards black. This is a very sharp contrasting serious color. This is why people tend to shy away from it. White kitchens are where you have a large variety of different colors around and this doesn't seem to be affected as much as if your kitchen cabinet were black in color.

Popular Paint Colors For Kitchens

Mississauga Handyman Painting and Carpentry experience in kitchen cabinet paint colors is usually always in either light colors or dark colors whether it be regular kitchen cabinets paint or kitchen cabinet stain. Painting the kitchen cabinet is much easier and cheaper than to refinish with a stain. Prep work for painting of the doors and walls of the wood cabinets is a lot less work that if the wood have to be stripped-down to bare with sandpaper. When the cupboard doors were originally sprayed with a stain and then a couple of coats of varnish, it is difficult to sand down clean through to the pigmented wood to the original color. Usually people generally tend to pick a darker stain color then what was originally on the cabinets. This allows a little less intense sanding work. So in other words if you choose to pick a darker stain color that would probably be more cost-effective unless you change to a different hue / color.

Painting the kitchen cupboards BlackPainting the kitchen cupboards Black

Dear friends, let me tell you about the wonderfully awesome, yet extremely long journey of painting my kitchen cabinets. About this time last year I decided I…

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Painting Your Kitchen Cupboards

It takes time to paint an entire kitchen whether it is painted by hand (roller) or spray-painted. All the cabinets have to be cleaned first.

Prep to paint your cabinet boxes

If you're looking for a durable finish on a melamine coating you must make sure it gets a thorough cleaning that it is 100% clean. There will be less adhesion when not clean. 


A sander won't work on sanding plastic laminate the plastic is a very hard surface. 


We have found that oil-based paint primer works the best in this type of situation. Acrylic enamel paint is a latex paint but you can also get it fortified with polyurethane which makes it a little more durability. This formulation can either be applied with spray paint or paint brush.

Next, the Cabinetry has to be sanded down thoroughly and then dusted to remove any dust.

Use a tack cloth after you have sanded down the wood filler

Priming with oil based paint or latex paint coating

Cabinets have to be primed (this takes a certain amount of time for the primer to dry and set ready for the next coat whether it is oil-based -alkyd or Water-based  )

The first coat of paint has to be applied when painting kitchen cabinets and set aside for it to dry. Therefore there will be a number of doors drying before they can be painted with a second coat of paint.

The final coat of paint goes on and then set to dry (drying time is on the step-by-step instructions on the side of the can)

Doors cannot be handled until they are thoroughly dry. Only then can the doors be reinstalled when you know that the paint will not come off by handling it.

Here are some common questions people ask about kitchen cabinet painting:

 What Types of Paint Do You Use?:

When it comes to paint choice, there are tons of options.

Can I do it myself?:

While homeowners can do many painting jobs, it’s recommended that cabinet work be done professionally for the best results.

What is involved?:

The process generally involves several steps such as washing the cabinets with TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) if needed, removing any grease or dirt build-up, removing all doors, hardware, and hinges, masking off countertops and appliances, thoroughly sanding and dusting the cabinets, repairing dents and scratches, applying a primer coat, sanding and dusting again, using a split-coat of a mix of primer and finish enamel, followed by more sanding and dusting, and finally applying a final coat of enamel to the cabinet bases².

Do I have to empty everything of the cabinets?:

If you want to have the inside painted, they would have to be emptied².

What kind of paint should be used?:

Oil and acrylic primers and enamels, high-quality products, are best for this type of work².

How long will it take to complete the work?:

A small to medium kitchen will take about three days. Larger jobs will take from three to five days.


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