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Vic Nagy, the owner, and operator of Mississauga Handyman has been in the business since 1979. Working in Mississauga Ontario l4t 2z5 and, we are your Local House Painters & Condo painters, Our services also include,  Mississauga handyman carpentry,…  You can Email: mississaugahandymanservices@gmail.com or call us at: (416) 568-3547

interior painting Mississauga most people think it is easy to paint a room or an entire house but the question is how well.

· Knowledge about paints and how to apply them?

 ·How long will the house painting take? 

 ·Do I have the proper equipment?

 ·How will the paint job look when we have done the wall coating.

House Painting Answers
:  Mississauga handyman has over 30 years of experience in house painting and carpentry we can comment with authority on these questions that anyone would think about prior to starting a painting work in Mississauga.

House Painting

I guess the first thing that what you think about is your ability to be able to paint houses properly. Painting properly means that you would be able to apply paint in a fashion that it looks good and also stays on the wall or wood trim. Without the knowledge of how paints work and apply and what preparation has to be done this could already be a problem. You have to know how to prepare your substrate whether it is drywall or painted wood or just raw new wood unpainted. You have to know what to buy preparing to paint the home.

 New Home Residential Painting

If the home is a new home and has never been painted and has only raw drywall and raw lumber, you have to get preparatory paints such as primers and special wood primer and also you might need special sap killing primers that will prevent sap from leaking through the paint making ugly blemish on the painted door frame or window frame or baseboard.


Preparing Your Home for Painting

You should also know how to prepare any nail holes or adjoining pieces of trim. Years ago we used to use window glazing putty to fill the holes after the carpenters had nailed trim baseboards, windows or door casings on the jam leaving a small hole would have to be filled with something in that most of the time was the window glazing. But there are other ways of filling cracks and holes  such as using joint compound but that would take a while for it to dry and then you would have to sand it. But this would make the absolute smoothest nail hole filling. And of course you would also have to identify anywhere on the new wood whether it needed any shellac to seal any knots that might lead to the paint eventually. Most people have probably seen here and there where there was a blemish or tarnish on a piece of wood trim and now is because they would was never sealed what they sealer by shellac or stain killer. And then there is obviously the joint between the casing and the doorjamb or the window jam where they meet and sometimes there is a gap. Again here the gap has to be filled with a latex caulking. This does require a certain amount of experience and skill not to smear caulking all over the wood. A novice painter would probably just take their finger and run it down the joint filling in the gap, while that is okay in most cases but if you're doing exceptionally high and quality painting work we usually take a wet sponge and clean the caulking the off only leaving the thin line of caulking between the two pieces of wood which makes a nice clean transition without any bumps or curves.

Painting Walls

And of course let's talk about painting walls, here again, everyone thinks they can paint the wall and they probably can but how well and how quickly (quickly Referring to Speed and Accuracy Of the Job). A professional painter has to be able to paint a nice straight line between the wall and the ceiling at a good steady pace leaving no irregularities in the painted edge. This generally comes from years of experience which in turn gives the painter confidence to move along quickly knowing that he will be able to do the job the proper way. Generally, there is no such thing as a one coat paint job if you're looking for the quality paint job. Unless you are going over paint that you painted very recently the chances are that on very close inspection will see either a frame around the wall or blotchy walls or just simply you can see through to the original paint job.

Knowledgeable About Different Paints

Painter should have good knowledge on different types and varieties of paints available. It is best to have experience with them all so that you will be able to discuss an answer’s on any questions pertaining to paint colors and paint sheens and paint quality. Not all paints are made equal and not all paints perform as advertised. There are some heavily advertised paints that the public always asks for but the professional painters always shy away from because of the difficulty to paint with and the quality of the paint is less than desirable. These paints aren't any cheaper there just over advertised giving the illusion of high quality.

House Painting Contractor Equipment

A good house painting contractor will have all the proper equipment to complete a paint job. A good painting contractor will have a large variety of good tools. He will also have his own transportation. The tools needed to be able to properly execute interior house painting will consist of tools to repair and prepare drywall and wood trim. This would include such things as a couple of broad plastering knives a couple of midsize plaster nice and a small narrow plaster knife to get in between tight areas.

He will have proficiency in being able to mix dry plaster compound at the right consistency to make drywall repairs such as preparing cracks or holes in the drywall. And of course good quality painting tools such as an angled sash brush for being able to paint corners and edges of walls and ceilings and around door frames and baseboards. A good painter will have a variety of paintbrushes for different purposes. Some prefer angled sash brushes while others prefer square ended 3-inch brushes. We like to use the latter and only high-end top-quality paintbrushes such as Corona or Purdy which is the leading standard in paintbrushes. Also, there are a variety of rollers that can be used for different types of paints. If the job requires a nice flat smooth finish on drywall is recommended to use a half inch pile or even a 3/8 inch pile roller refill to get that nice smooth even finish. And if there are other things like doors that need painting it might require even a finer nap on them. Here again is where the experience of a professional house painter comes in. He will know which type of paint roller to use for a particular type of paint and application. Other important painting accessories will be some extension poles for getting at high places. This is a very handy and time-saving tool. Not only does it make the job go quicker and also can improve the general looks. Most painters have at least one or two ladders to be able to paintbrush higher in areas such as the wall to ceiling corner. Some homes have a regular height ceiling which is approximate the high that you can use a 4-foot step ladder with and the other homes have higher ceilings that you need a 5-foot step ladder with. Some condos in Toronto have 10-foot ceilings that you need a 6-foot step ladder with. Drop sheets are another important tool to keep the paint from splattering onto the floor. If the painting contractors painting the ceiling he will need enough drop cloths/drop sheets to be able to cover the entire floor to prevent any paint damage. Now getting to the handyman side of Mississauga handyman painting and carpentry.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Is another specialty by Mississaugahandyman painting company. We can paint all kinds of kitchen cabinets whether they are made of wood or basic melamine cabinets. A truly professionally painted kitchen cabinet starts with a proper preparation which we do exceedingly well. Kitchen cabinets can either be hand-painted or spray-painted. The spray painting is a more costly procedure with a minimum advantage over hand painting on standard type kitchen cabinets. Our hand painted kitchen cabinets will never reveal any paintbrush strokes or roller strokes. It will look virtually spray-painted.

Other Services Offered by Qualified Painting Companies… Mississauga Handyman Painting and Carpentry

There were many times in the beginning when we were called in to do some painting on either some baseboards or drywall or even stucco ceilings on the inside of the house and of course if people wanted to have their decks stained and there were issues with these items such as a broken drywall (Dry Wall Repair) or damaged ceiling or rotting boards on the deck. All of these required a person specializing in these types of repairs. In the beginning, we would have to wait until the customer got someone to do the repairs and afterward we would do the painting or staining. But as time went on we learned how to do all of these types of building and repairs on everything from stucco ceiling repairs and drywall repairs to replacing baseboards and doors and door frames and even rebuilding wood decks prior to staining them. We now can professionally repair (Stucco Spray) or remove stucco ceilings. Sometimes the ceiling of damage from a water leak from above causing the drywall to buckle and bubble. We can remove and replace the drywall then plaster it and then respray with stucco. If a homeowner decides they want to have new baseboards to replace the old baseboards we can do that too. And if the customer also wants to upgrade the trim work in their home we can also remove and replace all their doors and window casings and baseboards. Our carpentry work doesn’t stop there we also can repair or we can rebuild decks.

Deck Building and Deck Repairs

The homeowner has a deck or porch that has old wood on it's with lots of fissuring and cracks making it look ugly. Screws and nails are coming out of the boards making it a safety issue. We are able to remove and replace certain boards on a deck or we can replace the entire deck. Sometimes the railings are loose and wobbly and we can reinforce them or we can give the customer brand-new railings. In some cases is just simply a straightforward deck sanding and staining or simpler than that, just a power wash and stain. Decks usually last up to about 20 years if well-maintained. What gets old and starts losing its qualities. Screws or nails get loose and start coming out causing safety issues. All of these things are taken care of prior to any work on the deck. Nails get hammered back in. Screws get screwed back in and sometimes additional screws are added for added fastening of the boards. But when boards lose their ability to hold screws and nails that it’s time to replace them in some cases this is called dry rot.
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