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You’ll get great work on all your Home decorating Home improvements, drywall repair,plastering, popcorn ceiling removal to create smooth ceilings and home repairs service. Mississauga handyman for your Mississauga home-improvement repair service with years of experience covers the greater Toronto area including Mississauga, Etobicoke,Brampton and Oakville.  House painting, kitchen cabinet painting, s give us a call 416-568-3547.
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Painter in Mississauga


Interior house painting is one of the cheapest inexpensive home upgrades that a homeowner can do. Just by painting your walls, you can make your home look like a different place. Our house painting services not only change the way your home looks but also if you need repairs this the time to get them done. Our house painters are fully experienced in all aspects of painting and preparation work. When we are doing wall painting we repair walls as we go along such as nail holes, Water damage, and cracks and gaps between the baseboard and the wall.

Want to make your home look like a different place, but don't want to spend too much money? House painters are the answer. Interior house painting is one of the cheapest inexpensive home upgrades that can be done for homeowners. Just by repainting your walls, you can transform the way your home looks! Our house painting services not only change how your home looks but also if you need repairs this is the time to get them done. House painters are fully experienced in all aspects of painting and preparation work. When we paint walls we repair walls as we go along such as nail holes, water damage, and cracks and gaps between baseboard and wall.

Our house painting services cover the GTA, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, North York, Richmond Hill.

Drywall Repair / plastering


Mississauga handyman drywall repair services can come out and fix and plaster the drywall or even in worse cases Mississaugahandyman can replace the drywall. On many occasions, water leakage (water-damaged drywall) is the biggest culprit. Water damage can create stains, if heavy and left for a long time it can turn into mildew which has to be washed off with special solvents and then sealed with a special primer and painted. Or even worse, when water gets into your drywall it warps and becomes soft losing its integrity. Sections of drywall have to be cut out and replaced with fresh drywall and then we plastered and sanded and painted.

Plastering and drywall repair is one of the main parts of our Mississauga handyman service. We come out and will fix the holes in your walls, or even replace drywall.

kitchen carbinet painting service


Kitchen remodeling,  a major home improvement, can be a large project or a budgeted project. Sometimes to get your kitchen to have a totally different look is just simply painting the kitchen cabinet.  First of all, prior to doing any kitchen cabinet painting everything’s prepared. All the cabinets and cabinet doors will be cleaned to remove any greases from kitchen cooking and then all of the cabinetry will be sanded. This will identify any imperfections that you might want to get rid of prior to painting. Then painting can begin.  Next, think about installing new hardware on them, and looks like you have a brand spanking new kitchen. Hardware replacement on kitchen cupboard doors might be the thing that you’re looking for. Just by replacing your kitchen cupboard hinges will make you feel and operate like new.

popcorn ceilling  removal


Damaged popcorn ceiling? Do you have a brown water stain on your ceiling or even worse is your popcorn falling away from the ceiling. There are few remedies for this, if your ceiling is damaged it can be repaired with fresh stucco (popcorn). Remove Popcorn Ceiling, in some cases, though the ceiling is so old it will have yellowed from age and not look fresh anymore. We can either paint your ceiling or remove your Popcorn, with a special sanding machine meant for popcorn ceiling removal. This ceiling sanding machine will completely send smooth your drywall ceiling getting it ready for a skim coat of plaster to smooth everything out and then prime and paint with white latex paint.

Trim carpentry work


It’s time to upgrade your baseboards with newer contemporary colonial series trim. A lot of older homes have flat 3 inch baseboards and door casings with a flat slab door. Many times Mississaugahandyman carpenters will install 4-3/4 inch larger baseboards and colonial series prehung doors to totally change the way your home looks. You would be surprised just by changing the trim greatly that will change the way the room looks in your home. Mississauga handyman services also include crown molding, bookshelf, and walk-in closet installations. We also do a lot of this type of work on our home improvement projects. Some homeowners will want to replace their old vanities with modernly updated vanities and this would be a part of our trim carpentry service. Also don’t forget that there are backslashes that could be installed atop the vanities, new mirrors and we have also installed new sliding shower doors and new curtain rods.

Deck staining


Mississauga handyman services are experienced and qualified painters do wonderful work on your deck. We can restore your deck to a nice new fresh look. With our first-class industrial powered, power washer we can clean your deck, removing all flaking and dead paint. We can also repair any damaged boards or wood. We can tight your handrails and your stairs for safety. Give us a call if you want to refinish your deck whether it be just power washing it getting it ready for summer. Or completely refinishing it starting with pressure washing, sanding the deck and do wood repairs if necessary and either painting or staining. We advise the owner using the best highest quality paints and stains When doing deck staining and power washing

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I would like to thank Vic for making this experience a pleasurable process and to commend him on a great job. I am very proud to show off the newly painted house and that is due to the hard work and quality job of Vic Nagy.

Rohit Prajapati
Home Owner


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