Mississauga Handyman Services

Mississauga Handyman Services

30+ years of experience in Painting and Carpentry work!

Quality is the highest priority at Mississauga Handyman Services. We do whatever it takes to have a happy client when the job finished. You can rest assured that your needs will be completed by our specialists with professionalism and quality craftsmanship.

our list of   Services:
painting a condo in Mississauga

Condo Painting

Mississauga Handyman Services has been working in the Mississauga Square One area for years. We have hundreds of condos with happy results.

Whether you’re looking for a Mississauga home painter to redecorate and liven up your condo or just cleaning up the self for home staging.

Painting house in Mississauga

House Painting

Interior home painting is one of the cheapest inexpensive home upgrades that a homeowner can do. Just by painting your walls you can make your home look like a different place. Our house painting services not only do change the way your home looks but also if you need repairs this the time to get them done. When we are doing wall painting we repair walls as we go along such as nail holes and cracks and gaps between the baseboard and the wall.
Painting commercial project in Mississauga

Commercial Painting

Our commercial painting includes repainting of offices and stores and warehouses. All are painting includes top quality paint such as Benjamin Moore paints or Sherwin-Williams paints. We also do factory deck spray painting and block cement wall painting where we use a blog filler and two coats of flat or semi-gloss or gloss latex paints. We also paint over at commercial doors. We do epoxy floors and also paint bollards.

painting the exterior of a house

Exterior Painting

Mississauga Handyman Services does exterior painting commercial and residential includes surface preparation feeling in cracks and damaged wood or steel. We sand all substrates metal doors or wood doors and frames. We call again the frame to the wall to make sure it is sealed properly.

repairing and staining the deck

Deck Staining and Repair

Mississauga Handyman Services does one home improvement that can be very useful and also at the same time enhance the beauty and value of your home.

There’s nothing like a nice fresh clean looking back at the back of your home. If you’re tired of the old stain on your deck it can be changed to a newer color giving it a more modern and interesting look.

painting and restoration services in the Mississauga city

Painting And Restoration

Generally all our wall painting and trim painting come with a certain amount of preparation work included with the work. All walls will be checked for holes and cracks and filled appropriately. If it is a larger hole it will be covered with fiber tape and if it is a small hole for example from a nail holding a picture than it does not need fiber tape just a small amount of plaster. If there are cracks that they will be covered with fiber tape to ensure the crack is not reopen again. There is a limited amount of drywall repair included in the paint job if there is a lot of damaged drywall it will have to be stated in the painting contract.

capenter in Mississauga


For a dependable, professional, affordable and quality-focused contractor, look no further than Mississauga Handyman.

Our carpenters only use the best quality carpentry tools such as Festools and Mikita and Bosch tools. A good tool does more accurate and precise work and sometimes quicker.

Trim carpentry work

Trim Carpentry

It’s time to upgrade your baseboards with newer contemporary colonial series trim. Lot of older homes have flat 3 inch baseboards and door casings with a flat slab door. Many times we install larger baseboards and colonial series prehung doors to totally change the way your home looks.


Finish Carpentry

Many homes will dress up their rooms with crown molding and chair rails. This adds a certain touch of class to any room. The larger the room and the higher it is the larger the crown molding can afford to be. Sometimes customers want wainscot in the dining rooms to give the room a little more formal look.

mississauga handyman services-removal deck construction work

Deck Construction

When customers call to have their deck repaired they have no idea neither do we really what condition the deck is an. We usually tell a customer that if the deck is old 20 years or more they usually should be completely replaced but if not there might be some additional reinforcement to the underside of the deck to secure it.

deck repair service

Deck Repair

It’s that time of year again where start your yard cleanup after this long hard winter.You noticed that you are starting to develop holes and rotten spots on your deck boards or you might notice that your steps are becoming wobbly your wood handrail is becoming loose. To fully enjoy your deck or patio keep up your maintenance work on the deck watch for any of these things happening and repair them as they come along. It is cheaper to fix one thing then wait to have a collection of things to fix. Repairing one thing might only take a few hours and no downtime for the deck were as if you wait to fix a collection of faulty items it might take a few days.
drywall box repair service

Drywall Repair

We can come out and fix and plaster the drywall or even in worse cases we can replace the drywall.On many occasions water leakage is the biggest culprit. When water gets into your drywall it warps and become soft losing its integrity. Sections of drywall have to be cut out and replaced with fresh drywall and then we plastered and sanded and painted.
stucco ceilling repair

 Stucco Ceiling Repair and Removal

Damaged stucco ceiling? Do you have a brown water stain on your ceiling or even worse is your stucco falling away from the ceiling. There are few remedies for this, if your ceiling is damaged it can be repaired with fresh stucco. In some cases though the ceiling is so old it will have yellowed from age and not look fresh anymore. We can either paint your ceiling or remove your ceiling with our special stucco ceiling Sanding machine.
Bathroom painting and drywall repair service

Bathroom Drywall Repairs & Painting

A lot of homeowners remodel their bathrooms with new fixtures such as bathroom lighting and bathroom vanities and of course toilets. They also might consider installing new wall tiles and shower doors. After all these items are installed painting has to be done accurately and carefully not to get paint on any of the new features of the bathroom
kitchen carbinet and painting service

Kitchen Cabinets Painting

Kitchen remodelingg can be a large project or a budgeted project. Sometimes to get your kitchen to have a totally different look is just simply painting the kitchen cabinet cupboards. Install new hardware on them and looks like you have a brand spanking new kitchen. Hardware replacement on kitchen cupboard doors might be the thing that you’re looking for. Just by replacing your kitchen cupboard hinges will make you feel and operate like new.
toy box repair

Boy Toybox

You might even spend hours putting the toys back and arrange them and sort them for the next time. Yes, we can also build custom toy boxes and any other type of box and cabinet that you can use for storage. Storage boxes are important to be able to keep you organized and clutter free. If you’re looking for a wall-mounted storage cabinet or floor standing storage cabinet it can be custom made to fit.
closet organize and shelving service

Closet Organizer and Custom Shelving

Mississauga Handyman can, designing, building and install your new custom closet. We can remove all your existing shelving whether it is wood or wire and reorganize your closet space. Your shelving can be organized to keep all your blankets, sweaters, shirts and pants neatly put away. After we have removed everything from your walls we can repair it by feeling in the old holes plastering it painting it and then installing the new shelving unit.
remodeling and repair service

 House Improvements Remodelling and Repair

If you’re tired of the 60s or 70s look in your kitchen but you don’t have enough money to spend the big bucks we can come up with some smart solutions.
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