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There are many reasons why a homeowner might need a restoration company like drywall contractor Mississauga, and Handyman to repair the walls in their house. After all, just about every surface is covered with it, including the ceiling! Don't worry we are also a drywall contractor Brampton.

Drywall damage

can be caused by a number of factors, including water accumulation, blunt force, or accidents involving heavy furniture. Natural phenomena, particularly earthquakes, are also likely to cause damage.

When you have wet drywall from water damage you call a restoration company to repair your water damaged drywall

Drywall Cracks

 When you need a restoration company Drywall cracks or broken drywall repair, our professional drywall contractors use a few important techniques, including drywall taping and stucco ceiling removal. 

 Water Damaged

Water damage is one of the main culprits. Water damaged drywall can ruin your wall material/gypsum material. If you have large enough wet drywall/drywall water damage it is a good idea to call a restoration company to take care of your drywall water damage. A restoration company such as ours has years of experience with gypsum material-type walls. The last thing you want in your home is mold growth can be very dangerous. Mold growth can cause all sorts of problems. At this point, it's very important to call a restoration company to repair your drywall water damage.

What Is Drywall?

Drywall is known by many different names in the industry, including:

  1. Wallboard
  2. Gypsum board
  3. Plasterboard
  4. Sheetrock
  5. Gyprock
  6. Gypsum panel

 What Is Drywall

Drywall is essentially a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate, and it's typically placed between thick sheets of paper on both the front and back. Drywall is screwed directly into the studs or ceiling joints when building a room. 

Treated Wallboard

Specially treated drywall that is designed to be water-resistant is usually reserved for bathroom walls and ceilings. It's known in the industry as, green board, although it works and handles exactly the same way as regular drywall. The only difference is its suitability for places with higher moisture content in the air, including the kitchen, washroom, and laundry room.

Drywall comes in three basic thicknesses and three basic dimensions. The most common dimension is half-inch drywall, measured in 4x8 foot sheets. However, hardware stores sell smaller pieces of varying thicknesses, depending on the house renovation work you need to do.

Mississauga Drywall Repair Services

Our team of plasterers provides methodical and transparent services, so your house is successfully turned into the house of your dreams. gypsum repairs ensure that your walls are restored to a pristine state and ready to be painted and decorated. The walls of a house are often taken for granted, but they are crucial supporters of your sanctuary. We know you may not have the time, experience, or desire to repair drywall, but that's why Mississauga Handyman is here! 

Need drywall installation or restoration services? Looking for plasterers?

drywall installation is done when a simple drywall restoration can't be done because it is too big. Drywall installation is usually done with pieces that are larger than 8 inches.

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Things we  have covered for drywall   restoration,

types of drywall

Fixing drywall, drywall installation

we discussed joint compound for the different types of drywall and drywall installations.

was going to mention tools you will need for this type of drywall project

Drywall Taping

Mississauga handyman painting and Drywall Fix

 sheet rock repair "taping" after joint compound has been applied


drywall taping is an important aspect of sheet rock repair and drywall installation. Without good drywall taping you. can end up with an ugly wall.

Repairing Holes in Drywall

There are various ways these kinds of drywall repairs can be done. However, it should be noted that there is more to plasterboard repairs/drywall repairs than filling a nail head hole with drywall compound creating a (drywall patch) in the wall with plaster or drywall cracks. This way is easier and quicker to do, but it won't last long. Our drywall contractors reinforce all holes with different methods.

Small Holes, making a drywall patch with drywall compound

 damaged drywall

Damaged gypsum board applying  joint compound  (drywall compound) to do a drywall patch

Cracks in the wallboard

On smaller cracks and nail head holes, we can use the butterfly method for patching, this is a little more than just. a drywall patch. When you have a hole two inches squared, we'll need to begin the repair with a small piece of drywall that is slightly larger than the hole, such as a 5x5 piece. We'll trace the size of the hole onto the center of the larger piece of drywall. Our team will use a knife or razor to remove the excess drywall from the replacement piece. We do not remove the paper backing from the replacement piece. 

After stripping the gyprock to the paper, we'll fit the drywall into the hole, with the paper on the replacement piece overlapping the existing hole. The paper around the edge of the hole provides support for when we plaster over the hole, making a smooth transition to the rest of the wall. 

Click here for a video demonstrating this technique

Large Holes

When a hole is around 10 inches squared or larger, the butterfly technique will not work as effectively since the replacement drywall (Drywall installation) will be too large to be unsupported by excess paper. 

In this case, we'll insert a piece of material, like wood, into the hole. Holding the material steady, our drywall experts will attach it to the backside of the wall and make sure the material is behind the hole so it can support the patch that we'll install. 

Click here to see a video of this technique in action.


Once drywall compound plaster dries, sanding is required to smooth out the edges of the plaster. This will prevent any paint applied on top of it from showing any creases or edges in the underlying drywall. The more drywall compound plaster there is left over, the more sanding we'll have to do. 

The main goal of sanding is to cover drywall tape or fiber tape evenly and thinly. The first coat of plaster should just cover the tape, and feather slightly on both sides by about an inch.

Our efficient Mississauga workers won't apply the second or third layers of plaster before the first ones have completely dried—it's a recipe for disaster.   

Finishing Drywall Corners

There are different ways to finish off a drywall edge or corner when joining drywall at 90 degrees. A drywall corner can either be made from metal, which is the most common, or it can be made from plastic. There are also paper tape, metal-reinforced corner beads available as well. 

The advantage of paper tape corner beads is that they do not require any drywall screws. They are simply attached by applying plaster to the corner and then placing the bead on top. We'll place some plaster and run a first coat layer down the seam of the edge.

Stucco Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling removal—otherwise known as a popcorn ceiling—was popular in the 1960s and 1970s. While many Mississauga homeowners prefer to update their houses because it's no longer fashionable, stucco ceilings were often made using toxic chemicals, like asbestos. 

As we have outlined above, Mississauga Handyman uses best practices to ensure all renovation work goes smoothly and is completed in time. We use professional equipment for ceiling removal projects to save time and guarantee high-quality results.

Mississauga Handyman professionals will inspect your house to assess which plaster board repair methods you need. If you have any questions about our repair services, our team will be happy to answer them!

Drywall Contractors in Mississauga

While it's possible to make gypsum repairs on your own, the best results can only be achieved with help from the pros. Mississauga Handyman is a renovation company with over 30 years of experience. We provide sheetrock repair (drywall installation and drywall repair) everything from repairing drywall cracks and installation services, house paintingtrim carpentry, and more! Call customer service today for any home services at 416-568-3547 for a free estimate!

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Both for residential and commercial jobs. We primarily work in Mississauga Ontario doing painting and home renovation services. Also offer residential and commercial painting both in Toronto and Mississauga with years of experience. Don’t hesitate to call for a free estimate.

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