Popcorn Ceiling Removal Mississauga

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Mississauga

Ceilings with a bumpy, lumpy texture are often called cottage cheese or stucco ceilings. They are uneven in appearance and are very noticeable. For more information textured ceiling removal.

Popcorn or stucco ceilings were utilized in home building and home renovation from the early fifties to the late seventies.

However, the popcorn ceiling started to go out of style in the late eighties. Homeowners of today are now hiring contractors for popcorn ceiling removal.

If you reside in Mississauga Ontario and you have issues with your home’s ceiling treatment, it’s best to look for Ontario-based painters.

Stucco ceilings are often made of harsh chemicals. Let professionals with years of experience do the work for you. Don’t gamble your family’s health by doing it yourself.

What is Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn, textured, or stucco ceiling is a ceiling with a paint-on or spray-on treatment. In the 1950s, it was the standard design for hallways and bedrooms.

The ceiling treatment was also used for hiding imperfections like cracks and holes. However, it was discovered in the 1980s that stucco ceilings contain harmful chemicals and can cause a variety of fatal diseases.

What Are They Made Of?

Stucco ceilings contain polystyrene foam. This creates an uneven appearance and rough texture.

Properties built between the 1950s and 1970s have textured ceilings inside them that may contain asbestos. Ceilings with asbestos or polystyrene foam tend to peel or flake. This is due to years of wear and tear. As a result, people are exposed to harmful chemicals.

Health Risks of Asbestos

Asbestos is a mineral fiber that is found in soil and rocks. Decades ago, it was widely used in the manufacturing of products and building materials that provide heat insulation and resistance.

When materials containing asbestos are undisturbed and intact, asbestos doesn’t pose any health risk. If the materials are damaged or disturbed, the microscopic asbestos fragments can be inhaled.

Stucco ceilings deteriorate over time. The following are asbestos-related diseases:


Asbestosis is characterized by scarring of the lungs. Typically, high exposure levels to the chemical over a long period can trigger the onset of this disease.

Late-stage symptoms include chest pain, frequent coughing, and shortness of breath.

Plural plaques or pleural changes

Patients with pleural plaques exhibit hardening and thickening of the pleura.

The pleura is the lining covering and protecting the chest cavity and lungs.

Often, patients don’t exhibit symptoms, but some experience difficulty breathing and decreased lung function.


Lung cancer

Lung cancer

Mesothelioma is fatal cancer. It arises from mesothelial tissues and forms the lining of the lungs, abdominals, and heart cavities.
Mesothelioma is associated with exposure to asbestos.

Generally, the latency is thirty to forty years. This means that an individual who was exposed to asbestos 30-40 years ago may develop this form of cancer.

Exposed workers, as well as those who perform stucco ceiling removal on their own, can swallow asbestos fibers.

The fibers are cleared from the airways in mucous and then swallowed. This contributes to the onset of mesothelioma in the peritoneum.

The peritoneum is the lining of the abdominal cavity. Like lung cancer, the severity of this illness depends on the amount of time the individual in question is exposed. Even only months of exposure can cause this cancer.

About This Home Renovator

By chance, your home’s stucco ceilings have deteriorated, and your family may be exposed to asbestos.

Every skilled worker from Mississauga Handyman is equipped with protective gear. They can’t be affected by harmful chemicals.

During such jobs, they wear the following:

  • Eyewear
  • Respirators
  • disposable coveralls
  • rubber boots
  • Decontaminants
  • Disposable gloves

Mississauga handyman only hires individuals with years of experience in the industry. You will not find any amateur in their roster.

They have been in business for 40 years now. Their workers have been trained to be courteous and provide precise work. They follow protocols set by the Canadian Victoria Residential Builders Association. This company is also a proud member of this organization.

Nevertheless, they will respect your wishes. As long as your request does not go against their guidelines, they will fulfill it.

Final Words

 Popcorn ceiling removal should never be performed by a beginner. Although there are tons of DIY guides on the web, don’t take the risk of exposing your family to harmful chemicals such as asbestos.

Improper removal and installation of textured ceilings can cause long-term health effects, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and pleural changes.

Mesothelioma could even be fatal if not diagnosed early. Therefore, it’s best to hire a skilled worker from a prominent and trustworthy company like Mississauga Handyman.

So don't hesitate if you. need our services at Mississauga handyman to do any drywall repairs and popcorn ceiling removal give us a call at 416-568-3547


Popcorn ceiling removal costs 

It's something you might consider before you start doing DIY popcorn ceiling removal.



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