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Staircase staining

is a very important aspect not to overlook when remodeling your home. Most homes come standard with a clear finished staircase. Homes have options which will include the option of having the staining stairs done as a special order. Many people decided not to have this done at that time. Homebuyers sometimes are already stretched to the limit making a home purchase and can’t afford any additional expenses so they leave their oak stairs with only a clear coat.
Staircase design can complement your hardwood floors. Mississauga handyman can match the staircase color to your wood floor. If you start off with a fresh clean piece of wood whether it be a staircase tread or handrail you might need to neutralize the pigmentation in the wood creating a neutral tone that the wood stain can work with. It is sometimes hard to create an exact match due to the natural coloring of the wood when applying a transparent wood stain over top of the un-prepared wood.

Staining Wood including stair tread
consists of a few steps to achieve your desired look.
· Wood should be prepared first by sanding to a clear surface, this should be done in multiple steps of grits. Using an aggressive sanding paper, to begin with, and then moving up in the grits to leave a smooth finish without machine marks such as a 180 grit or 220 grit sandpaper will leave a nice smooth finish with no swirl marks.
· The wood surface should be vacuumed or dusted making sure that there is no dust. You could use a tack cloth to make sure that there is no dust.
Staircase staining procedure
· There are multiple ways of applying the stain. The most common is using a staining brush and painting the wood completely and then wipe off the excess stain. This means you might have to use a fresh section of your cleaning rag to ensure that there are no spots that have a little more stain on them. When done correctly looking at the wood it should look even and dry when properly done.
· You must let the wood stain dry usually we recoat the following day. We use floor urethane to apply the clearcoat onto the staircase. This again requires multiple coats to give it durability and luster.

Materials used to apply the finish coat on the staircase.
·Mississauga handyman painting service uses to levels of urethane. The first one to be applied will be a flat finish urethane. When the urethane dries it turns flat. This can be lightly sanded to make sure there is no debris in the clear coat and then, of course, dusted free of dust. Again using very fine sandpaper (220 grit). Next will be applying multiple coats of urethane. This you be whatever you choose and shine level in most cases though most people like the satin sheen level. But you can paint with any shine level you want. The more coats you put on the deeper it will reflect. It is the same procedure for all coats as previously mentioned. Don’t try to hurry every coat has to be dry. Don’t try to do one thick coat instead of two thin coats. Heavy coats of clear won’t be as smooth and will collect dust on them due to the slower drying time.



Staircase dating preparation
Staircase  staining treads finished
Staircase staining treads now finished
Staircase staining with satin urethane
Staircase staining with satin urethane









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