winter home maintenance tips

winter home maintenance tips

One third of American homeowners have faced an unexpected home repair of $5000 or more. There are steps you can take to cut down your risks.

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Some winter home maintenance tips,
Winter home maintenance tips
During the winter make sure that your filters are always fresh preventing your furnace from overworking and keeping your area clean.

A better tip for lubricating your doorlock not using WD-40, use a soft lead pencil and rub the graphite over the key the particles into the slot and push it in the note a few times in that is a much better solution and not turning gunky and even harder to turn later because of a buildup of oils.

Another home maintenance tips for the winter make, sure that all your exterior faucets and hose outlets and garden sprinkler systems are drained and turned off.

Yet  Some more winter home maintenance tips is trying not using any type of chemical for unplugging toilets and sinks better to use a plunger that will free up debris in the pipes.

This might be a good time to get some of the small  Interior carpentry jobs.inside such as fireplace mantel or shelving for books or even possibly some additional storage space.




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