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Home repair and maintenance

One of the main challenges of owning your own home is maintaining it. As time goes by, there are more and more things that need to be repaired. A professional Mississauga handyman can bring you peace of mind by taking care of these problems for you.

Experienced handyman

Another way that an experienced handyman can help you is by knowing how to resolve problems that may crop up. Not every repair job is straightforward. If there are complications, a professional handyman will be able to bring his experience and knowledge to assess it and determine what needs to be done to resolve it.

Hire a professional handyman

For an example of the benefits of hiring an experienced professional handyman, let’s say that you have a broken doorknob. You would think that something simple like that would be easy to repair, but you would be wrong. Aside from the necessary know-how, you would need to invest in tools that you probably will not have around your house.

Get the job done properly

But if you hire a handyman to do the job for you, it will be completed in a short time. And you are assured that the installation is done properly so you don’t have to worry about the doorknob suddenly breaking again.

Mississauga handyman services list

House painting

We are a highly experienced painting contractor who will use the finest quality paints such as Sherwin Williams. He will not only use expert techniques but also perform adequate preparation to ensure that the floor and furnishings of the house are protected from paint splatter.

Drywall repair

Our experienced handyman will repair holes and cracks around doors and windows and corners of ceiling and walls. Before he starts work, he will ensure that there is adequate preparation to avoid dust from the repairs getting on the ceiling and walls. He will also ensure that repairs are made with three coats of plaster so that the drywall will be a smooth surface. The repaired drywall can be left paint-ready or can be painted by our painter.

Popcorn ceiling removal

Before the removal process begins, we will cover floors and other exposed surfaces to prevent dust and debris from dirtying them. To perform the removal process we use the most, high tech equipment to ensure the surroundings are dust-free.

Once the stucco has been removed, we will perform an inspection to determine if additional plaster is required to cover up seams and bad drywall. If necessary we will plaster the entire ceiling with a scratch coat to flatten and level it off. We can also finish the job by applying two coats of white flat ceiling paint.

Kitchen cabinet painting

Before we start painting your kitchen cabinets, we will prepare by thoroughly cleaning them of grime and dirt and removing doorknobs and other hardware. We will also remove the doors and paint them separately. Both the doors and the body of the cabinet will be given two coats of paint.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations

Renovations don’t necessarily have to be a major job. We can perform minor renovations that can refresh the look of your bathroom or kitchen, such as a new paint job or replacing the fixtures. Even these simple repairs can make these rooms look refreshed and renewed.

But we can also perform bigger renovation work, such as removing a wall between two rooms to create one larger space. No matter the type of renovation job, we will go the extra mile to ensure that we minimize the mess normally created by construction work. We will also take steps to protect your floors from the wear that may be caused by heavy traffic that is normal in construction sites.


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