Staircase painters

Staircase painters

Staircase painter painting side of stairs

Staircase painters painting side of stairs

Mississauga handyman painting company specializes in staircase refinishing. Over 20 years of stairs refinishing from all over the greater Toronto area, Toronto, North York, Mississauga, Brampton, and Oakville.


Painting company

Happy staircase painter

Happy staircase painter

that guarantees customers satisfaction and happiness. Not all painting companies have experience in staircase and stairs refinishing.

Our focal point is accuracy and quality making our refinishing look crisp. Thus aesthetically pleasing enhancing the beauty of your home.



Stair refinishing

Staircase painters

Stair refinishing

stairs in your home are like a piece of furniture, they are or could be the focal point of your home. Staircases come in many different varieties.

A hardwood staircase is common in a home. Many stairs are carpet stairs. and the staining has been covered over. Even wood floors have been covered with carpets for one reason or another.


Getting ready for the staircase painters

Getting ready staircase refinishing

Getting ready for staircase refinishing

So let's say you have tired-looking stairs and you're thinking about getting a quotation on staining here in Toronto or Greater Toronto area. To apply stain requires many steps prior to staining. Many services without enough experience can ruin this type of job. This type of refinishing requires many steps before staining.

First of all the carpet has to be removed from the stairs. Now the question is whether the wood staircase was already being finished with a stain. You might be able to know this if your railings were stained or varnished.


Getting the work done


First of all prior to refinishing the stairs with stain the experts have to examine the condition of the staircase. If there was carpet previously on top of the stairs then most probably there will be holes where it was either stapled or nailed to the stairs. If there are holes in the stairs treads and any other types of damages they must be filled with wood filler before the refinishing can be done. This work is important for this type of installation of stain. Blemishes will show up through the stain. And then the work has been done in vain.


Getting the staircase ready for the staining work

Staircase painters

Staircase painters finished

Once all the holes and blemishes have been taken care of it is time to sand all the risers treads and stringers. Most probably the only part of the staircase that is solid wood is the treads and railings and in that way, you have the freedom to sand without concern of sanding too much. The staircase risers and stringer are veneered lumber that if over sanded will break through to raw wood making it ugly. Most installation of this type is common.

Specialty tools for staircase installation and preparation


There are special sanding machines specifically designed to work on these types of projects. You are looking for a machine that is able to sand smooth all the wood surfaces on this renovation. These machines focal point is accuracy and speed. But the main thing here is experience knowing how to use this equipment and how far to go with it. For example, you can use a sanding machine on a veneered wood staircase only to the point where you have comfortably enough material left to be able to stain. Once you break through this you have damaged the staircase. This company only uses people who have enough experience to be able to identify the situation. There are other hand tools that have to be used besides machines to be able to get into corners and nooks and crannies that it just cannot get into. And these are hand tools like scrapers specifically designed with a sharp edge to be able to scrape out any stain out of the way.


Staircase staining

Painter staining staircase tread

Staircase painters staining staircase tread

Now our experts are ready to start the staining in your home on your staircase. There are a variety of types of stains that can be used on this installation

The first thing we do is vacuum all the dust all the way down the stairs. Once the wood staircase is free of dust. is time to start applying the stain.

Most probably you will choose a stain from a paint color collection or match the wood floors in your home by taking it to a home renovation center. Stains now day mostly come in water-based form but you can still get oil-based stains for staining wood. There are many stores in Toronto, North York, etc. Just look up a website that has good reviews on staining advice. Not all ordinary hardware store-type retailers can help you with this. I suggest using a specialty dedicated store specifically dealing with painting and staining.  They can help you with your ideas and renovation suggestions and might give you some free consultation.

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