How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets The Easy Way!

paint kitchen cabinets with special paints
Paint Kitchen Cabinets for the updated look

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

This is a good video explaining some important aspects before and while you paint kitchen cabinets.A lot of homeowners think they would know how to paint these cupboards but they might be missing some crucial steps to ensure the paint will stick to the walls or the doors of the cupboard. The biggest and most important issue is making sure that what you are painting is clean and free of any grease waxes or oils. Anyone of these was shortened the paints life on the box.

This video will show you some tips and tricks (really they’re not tricks) on getting the paint job done effectively and quickly to achieve the desired results. After all if the finish you’re hoping to achieve. If any part of the procedure installing the paint is not done correctly you will either have brush lines or roller lines throughout the work.

Preparing to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The most important take away is that the surfaces have to be clean meaning, there will be no oil or grease deposits and no contaminants like dust particles and dust bunnies within the paint. Half the battle to make the paint stick is a clean and the de-glazed (not shiny) kitchen cabinetry and doors. One thing I should mention here though that I would not recommend using any course or grit paper 120 grit sandpaper because it will leave faint scratch marks on the finished paint job. As a rule of thumb if you are sanding down anything and if you are starting with rough sandpaper you must go down incrementally in grits sizes so if you are sanding something starting with a course paper such as 80 grit grits size should be 120 grit to sand out the scratches from the 80 grit. And then if you still end up with paint scratches in the door or side of the cabinet then you have to go to even another finer grid such as 180 grit and that will get rid of all the scratches.

Kitchen Cabinet Products to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet paints are available from an assortment of different suppliers the ones that Mississauga handyman painting uses is “Advanced Interior Paint”

Another one is from Sherwin Williams called Pro classic which is a waterborne acrylic – alkyd water-based paint slightly more expensive than the Benjamin Moore version

INSL–X Cabinet Coat Which Is a Urethane Reinforced Acrylic available in either satin or semigloss. This is another one of our favorite paints when we can’t supply the advance interior paint by Benjamin Moore

These are the paints that we recommend to paint kitchen cabinets

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