Tips for Installing Upscale Crown Molding and Wainscoting in Your Home

In the midst of any major home remodelling project, it’s often easy for homeowners to overlook the finer details such as crown molding installation as they’re usually more preoccupied with the larger aspects of the renovation. It’s very unfortunate that room moldings and trims fall to the wayside because if installed correctly and in the right capacity, they can completely alter the stylistic integrity of each room in remarkable ways. Depending on your aesthetic tastes, there are so many intriguing new and classic crown molding style possibilities to explore. All it takes is a little artistic vision to make these possibilities a reality. If you need crown molding design ideas or house decorating tips, then look no further.

Add Character to Every Room in Your Home

Before you begin renovating your home, pause to consider what your overall intentions are and what you hope to accomplish by the end of the project. You should always keep your budget in mind, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid experimenting with unique styles that can add a refreshed sense of character to each room. Don’t be afraid to make small changes that digress from your comfort zone; embrace these changes instead. You don’t necessarily have to make drastic changes like painting your walls funky colours to revitalize your home décor. Ornate crown molding and wainscoting can go a long way to create an elegant, fashionable, and classic décor that’ll remain relevant for years to come.

Maintain Original Architectural Integrity

If you happen to have a deep admiration for the traditional structural design of your home, then you can still maintain it for the most part while altering the finishing trims. Making small upgrades to the crown molding is a nice way of adding a minimalistic, personal, yet contemporary touch to an otherwise older or outdated home. You might even be inspired to instal Victorian-style trims if you’re so inclined. As an added benefit, even the minutest upgrades can significantly increase the curb appeal of your home.

Create Intricate Focal Points in Every Room

Focal points are essential to the design of every room because they possess the power to immediately draw people’s attention and hold it indefinitely. Elaborate, stylish, and distinctive crown molding has the capacity to capture the astonishment of anyone who comes across it. Whether your goal is simply to impress your guests or if you eventually want to put your home on the market, never underestimate the allure of beautiful crown molding.

Illuminate Your Crown Molding

Illuminating your crown molding is akin to shining a spotlight on it, which creates a stunning dramatic effect as the shadows of the trim’s impressions are cast upon the ceiling adjacent to it. You can accomplish this look by installing either a two- or three-piece structure with pot lights installed at the bottom. This particular ceiling molding idea masterfully combines form with functionality, especially in the darker crevices of your home.

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